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  1. DerCed

    Star Citizen Trailer music

    Didn't find a better thread to file this under, but if there are video creators among us.. I think this tune could be a nice fit for a SC themed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzXgEcB_MX8
  2. DerCed

    In Game communication

    Yeah, that's probably to be expected! Now it's just the hardcore crowd, basically everyone with a lot of patience
  3. DerCed

    In Game communication

    When I checked on TS recently there weren't that many people online either. Was it just bad coincidence, or where are all those hundreds of imperials :/ Well, to be fair -- I was also not participating at all for over a year, and noone should feel guilty as the game is not out yet, but still, I was surprised?
  4. DerCed

    In Game communication

    Why is the #imperium channel in the CIG XMPP server empty? Did I miss an announcement that there is another text chat?
  5. DerCed

    Imagine: Star Citizen

    The maker of the original video worked together with CIG on this one, he posted an explanation on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/2pu3ug/new_sc_trailer_is_an_official_cig_production_of/
  6. DerCed


    This is clearly not country music :-)
  7. DerCed

    Buying Hangar Module- Problems

    I think it's been reasonably well established now :-D
  8. DerCed

    Buying Hangar Module- Problems

    Tl;dr Did you buy alpha access?
  9. DerCed

    Buying Hangar Module- Problems

    Just to be clear, you're not buying ships. You are funding CIG to advance development of the game. The ships and everything is else is just a reward for supporting them so early before the release. Then, there are certain pledge packages that come with alpha and beta access as rewards, plus some ship that you will get when the game is released (and also in the pre-release versions). To already download the hangar module, you need such a package, as Shawn explained. You can also change the pledges that you made. The way the RSI pledge store works is that you load an amount of money into the system which is then available as "RSI credits" (1:1) with dollars. So you can convert your single ship pledges into RSI credits and choose one of the packages instead. This is working very well, did it multiple times. Good luck! By the way, to find more about the game, check out this amazing compendium a citizen has put together: "The BIG Star Citizen Admirer's Manual V2 - 120+ page, 26 000 word guide to EVERYTHING Star Citizen" (source: RSI forums)
  10. DerCed

    Additional SCB Skin

    Switched to this one as soon as I discovered the option, never looked back. Thanks!
  11. DerCed

    Did anyone actually choose "Uplay" ? Ubisoft DRM

    Funny how I read this on reddit first and then discover this thread here.. . o O ( this sounds familiar )
  12. DerCed

    Imperium Recruitment Video

    Wow, Goose - I almost forgot about those Starship Trooper videos. I definitely prefer their tone over the dictator-style red-alert score.
  13. DerCed


    Welcome to the base.