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  1. i just don't see org hangars as being feature creep, as it will allow small orgs to be able to gather items for war efforts and or major operations that would not normally be able to hold a base of operations in the universe like a major org could. personal hangars is one thing, but a base to collect items for emergency org wide use would be a smart play. without an org hangar feature, large orgs would simply have the logistical advantage by being able to operate and defend bases in the universe whereas small orgs would have to either fly in all needed material from random areas of the galaxy, thereby crushing response time. now you might say, well just designate one persons hangar as the org hangar, but then you have consolidated all your orgs wealth under one person whom has complete control of permissions. that is a ticking powder keg of eve online waiting to happen. with a org hangar, multiple people would have the ability to control permissions, thereby lowering the risk of a back stabbing credit hog bent for fame by instantly bankrupting a org with the click of the mouse but that is just my opinion, and honestly, even i don't care what i have to say sometimes
  2. Aleaf

    Dune 2020 (movie)

    yea, i don't get that involved in movies. there are those who just enjoy the feel of a fictional universe someone created, and then there are those who know every shield modulation the enterprise used. if i paid close attention to detail in sci-fi, i would not like sci-fi as i would spend the entire movie complaining how it is unrealistic. i like the dune feel, and the overall story arc. as that goes, i am usually happy with whatever is put out there as long as it doesn't rely too heavy on cgi. take star wars for example.i love those movies. i think all of them are great, yet there are those who are fanboys to the point where some of the movies they refuse to watch based on some weird metric they use in their heads. large swaths of the stories they will not watch because some director is someone they disagree with. just enjoy the wine, don't worry about what country it is from
  3. moderate swing voter actually. i find devoted party affiliation to be like brand loyalty, a silly concept that leaves you wearing nikes to a board meeting. unacceptable, and that is coming from a man who doesn't wear pants during skype meetings. let's not turn this to politics though. i know i kindda went there a bit in effort for a joke, but let's keep it there.
  4. what can i say about this lawsuit from crytek that has been said about the war with iraq ? crytek made claims, went all in with no proof, took casualties, and now doesn't have a exit strategy so it is having trouble pulling out.
  5. Aleaf


    that is so very accurate.
  6. if someone told me back in the 90's that derek smart would still be around doing games, i would have laughed at them to their face. as far as the game engine goes, they should have known full well that the scope and feature creep of rsi was well outside the ability of their engine, and had they seriously wanted to keep the game on that platform, they would have been leasing out their people to assist cig in evolving it . since they didn't, not really, there came the time when the writing was on the wall. crytek shot themselves in the foot and pinned the shooter on cig. like a bunch of idiots. they had a golden goose for advertisement, and they starved the goose. had i known someone was trying to make next level stuff with my product, and they were struggling, i would have had dumped resources into it. sure, it would cost some of my profits, but if i can use the new modified code, and pin all the cost to advertisement, i could get by, maybe even turn a buck with a better platform that before. the lawsuit thing ? i am no lawyer. can't say how that stuff works, but it is going to make crytek look pretty stupid if they lose in the courts.
  7. Aleaf

    Dune 2020 (movie)

    it doesn't matter if it is a good idea to do it again or not. i am always going to say " yes please" when it comes to dune.
  8. i'm good with this. it's a very minor stockholder share, and with it the help to market the game better. to see world of warcraft numbers has been tried since world of warcraft's peak. none has succeeded. so many games have called themselves the wow killer, only to fail due to bad launches, poor end game content, lack of marketing, poor roll out strategies and more. of course, nothing will kill wow but time, but with playable since alpha, there is a chance to have a seamless rollout. stress testing and debugging will be fully explored in beta, so the chances of those server disconnects on opening day won't be an issue, thus not leaving that buggy game bad taste in new players mouths. the addition to the marketing should only help the numbers, but to the extent of wow, that is uncertain. it's a lofty goal to be sure, but as far as all the games that are out there, i have never seen two million accounts in alpha stage. that is insane. it is out of my frame of reference to predict the numbers one year in
  9. i'm back from my break from star citizen. checking up on the progress. it's looking sharp. better than my expectations. 

    1. Ostia
    2. Aleaf


      thanks man. it's like i rediscovered the game all over again. i think this is the year when all of us who were slumbering wakes up and becomes active again. it's going to get wild


  10. if chris wants to hit a special splash, he could always release the game about the time of a star wars movie release. it would make sense to take advantage of strong ticket sales that are putting peoples mind into space themed plots. a good strong t.v. ad push during the same time that star wars is pumping out it's trailers would be a recipe for success .
  11. i agree, at best i imagine to see a few missions deep of sq42. as far as what it would take to get it to release in full this year ? there is nothing anyone could do. games take time, no matter the budget or amount of people. the more complex, the more money and people required. i guess the only way to see sc released this year, would be chris releasing an unfinished star citizen 3000 cruiser game.
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