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  1. Will Star Citizen Launch This Year?

    if chris wants to hit a special splash, he could always release the game about the time of a star wars movie release. it would make sense to take advantage of strong ticket sales that are putting peoples mind into space themed plots. a good strong t.v. ad push during the same time that star wars is pumping out it's trailers would be a recipe for success .
  2. Will Star Citizen Launch This Year?

    i agree, at best i imagine to see a few missions deep of sq42. as far as what it would take to get it to release in full this year ? there is nothing anyone could do. games take time, no matter the budget or amount of people. the more complex, the more money and people required. i guess the only way to see sc released this year, would be chris releasing an unfinished star citizen 3000 cruiser game.
  3. The Banned Thread

    banned for trying to be my supervisor, as of course.... >.< you're not my supervisor !
  4. The Banned Thread

    your ban was bad, and you should feel bad. hence forth, you are banned
  5. because superbowl 50.

  6. I am a leaf on the wind, watch me soar!

    at lest you had someone tell you about it. i had to stumble over it, and be mad that noone told me about it sooner.
  7. the big snow storm finally has hit us. they have already issued a state of emergency. also... my toes are cold.

    1. Conoscenza


      I live in Alabama. People are praying for snow :lol:

    2. Aleaf


      take mine. i am getting another 8-12 inches today. so in two days we got 16-20 inches of ice/snow satan mixture. wouldn't be so bad, if it were flat land, and not mountains

    3. Dragon-Knight


      It's so warm her i've been painting the living room with the windows open.

      Ive not seen snow for 2 years where i live, come to the UK we have it MILD ^_^

  8. never re mapped a controller before, and i must say, it's harder than i thought it would be. fun stuff to try new things


  9. The Banned Thread

    banned, puppies went out of style pre-internets. use kittens or more stringent bans will be enforced
  10. they talking about getting a ship as the " white gear" i totally agree. thankfully disco used the example of racing cars. indeed, those who talk about car racing never talk stock figures. anyone who would compare stock for stock are laughed at. usually cars are stripped, engine swapped, ignition systems upgraded. i fully expect to gut the hell out of every ship i own, to tweak. all i see out of a ship at this point, is potential, and ship role. what the stats are going to end up, will not be what the stock is given. stock for stock, my car i run should never dream to walk with the big boys, yet after upgrading it can. engine swaps, turbo upgrades,gearing, tuning... it's what makes people shocked when i say it's a 4 banger.
  11. The Banned Thread

    banned for assuming, and believing in rebel propaganda movies.
  12. The Banned Thread

    banned for lack of identification. move along...move along
  13. in a peaceful visit (and i hope so) if they are at, or below our level of knowledge, it's almost a certainty we will become hostile. our history is stupid full of examples. if above us a bit, i see us trying to own thier technology, then advancing to the point of progressing to quickly for a civilization. that could be rather harmful. even now, we have people in first world countries who can't use a computer. what happens if we ramp up the development by a multiplier? if they are wayyy ahead of us, then i see cults popping up that see them as gods. whole religions who see them for something they are not, and the counter groups who see them as covert hostiles. terrorism everywhere. plenty of past examples there too from tribes in the pacific who were exposed to military refueling during ww2.
  14. Update on ships in development

    i havnt seen anything like that. maybe i missed it. was this in a video, or a thread that you refer to.
  15. Update on ships in development

    there really isn't a ship that can carry the thing. might just spawn at a mining station, with only limited thrusters to get from rock to rock.... not much is known about this giant metal nope ball.