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  1. Y'all still alive? Just saw my comment I posted 2 YEARS AGO about lack of MM. Surprise, no new news there. At least the Defender looks sexy.
  2. Welcome! What outfit did you run in PS2? And good luck with USAF. Going enlisted or officer route? And just a personal tip, if you have a whiff of the word 'asthma' in your past, they'll 'x' you. Learned that the hard way
  3. That name... grrrrr.... Welcome!
  4. Welcome! Freelancer is awesome!
  5. Fine PS2 players, though I do recall many orgs complained that BWC cozied up to them on events and poach members :/
  6. I got one of these tokens years back. Not sure what I want to do with it. Anyone actually fly/fight with it? Or should I just upgrade to something else
  7. Agreed. I melted my Constellation, bought a Krueger with LTI, then upgraded it to the Banu MM several years ago. Saw BB now costs $350. No chance in hell I'd sell it now. I just hope AI crew will be decent if I can't find any imperium to help me do some trading missions. I just want more Banu art. CIG's been teasing that **** for years now.
  8. Great post. My rig can't even get past the main menu from a black screen. Probably doesn't help I have an old processor and only 8GB of RAM either
  9. Hope CIG crushes it. Regardless of chances, it gets expensive just to respond to lawsuits...ugh
  10. Apollo

    LOLs thread

    Master Yoda being present at the nativity Pretty sure Disney said that's official SW lore
  11. I'll try to be there. Haven't been able to play 3.0 since any option I pick in the MM goes to an endless black screen.
  12. Apollo

    LOLs thread

    Fairly certain this is cannon.
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