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    Thanks for the offers..if poss just keep hold for me until I get some spare funds if you can..probably in the next few weeks. If you can't wait then no worries. Again massive thanks.
  2. You tried flying a flight sim with mouse and keyboard? The only game that worked with that set up was Freelancer as it was designed with that in mind...however if this game is going to be abit more hardcore than Freelancer was I imagine a joystick with throttle and rudder (for certain thruster maybe) will be a must. Otherwise you could be fighting someone using a stick and your on keyboard and find your getting owned all the time.
  3. Wodin


    Unfortunately when the money was due I was skint so had to pull out...single dad and disabled means money can be tight.
  4. Joystick with throttle and rudder control all the way. I know pads have been around for the PC for years now but I always think of them as a console controller..and this is a PC game. Also I imagine a decent joystick will give you alot more control than a pad, just like mouse and keyboard for an FPS is far superior than a game pad.
  5. Quick question if I buy a package now does it mean after 6 months (If I get a package with 6 month insurance) if my ship is blown up I loose it if my insurance has run out? This alone is really putting meoff form backing the game. Realyl don't like the idea of paying out more for say the Origin only to know it can be taken off me at a later date. I mena if you loose it an dhav eno money that means you can't play anymore without having to pay out again. Or am I wrong and the ship you get with your package you have for life? Thanks
  6. OK I know we have SC and Elite all ready in the making but hey the more the merrier..and RS is taking a different path I feel going for more the flight sim crowd aswell. Take a look at the three start up procedure videos. Come on and lets back it..$20 will get the game and it will be a terrible shame if it doesn't reach the target. Only down to timing I feel would be the reason it doesn't as SC and Elite took all the worlds money:) But hey dig deep and back this as it look like it could be really soecial. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1298800608/rogue-system
  7. It seems as if your talking like this was going to play like Eve. Apparently it isn't going to be anything like EVE neither the scale nor the gameplay. I suggest people wait for abit to see how the online mulitplayer aspect pans out. It might not be possible to have massive guilds and huge fleets. I think it's going to be a fair bit different to how many of the MMO crowd think it's going to be. As already mentioned it isn't classed as an MMO. It will have some MMO aspects but still not a fully fledged MMO but some kind of hybrid multiplayer game from what i can work out, a mix of WC and FreelancerPrivateer. You also got to think of the graphic fidility going on here as well as the physics and sim like qualities this alone means it's very unlikely there will be huge fights going on..latencylag would cripple the game.
  8. The stretch goals are very odd compared to your typical stretch goal om a KS project. Still I hope he hits 5 mill...
  9. Obsidian reached just under four..so if SC can reach 3 million it's done very well indeed. I do hope it reaches five million the golden figure..but I just can't see it at all..unless I win the euro lottery this friday..If I do I'd fund 5 mill.
  10. THE FAQ eased my worries a touch. Still not enough for me to pledge. I want more info on exactly what I'm getting. Or I will wait until release. I mean he will want to carry on selling it after the crowdfunding. If everyone everywhere who will ever buy it buy it during the crowdfunding then there will be little profit for the Investors. So I'm waiting. No doubt at some point I will buy it, whether during the crowdfunding period or later after it's been released.
  11. Odd..you all really are forgiving and must want this game. Obsidian will be lucky to hit or expecting to hit 3.5million..and you think a space sim will hit 5 mill...? It's very doubtful that people into flight sims wouldn't have heard about it by now and it's now also unlikely people who like them but not fanatic will pledge with those sorts of stretch goals..5 mill before a persistent world and proper SP game..or you get a cut back game and what an alpha private server only game... The SP game is going to be like World of Tanks with narrative apparently. Oh and the persistent world thing is nothing as big as EVE, See the interview at Rock Paper Shotgun. The thing is with investors say they did get in 4 million..whose left to buy it to bring in a profit for the investor..then again maybe it will be through DLC and expansions..so i answered my own question. Finally I really really want this to succeed..I just feel people need to be abit more realistic at the moment.
  12. Still a big risk. Some people are putting in big money with no guarantee of a fully working game at the end of it just an Alpha. I'm sure many people are holding of pledging and this wont help. This news if it's right and your not getting the full game until 5 million is reached is massive. Not sure many who have bid realised this from the start. Also between 2 and 4 million..thats a big difference for an investor to put forward..so really they need 3 million..or 2million or 4 million...what is it before the investor parts with their cash. Also unless contracts are signed there are no guarantees an investor will actually invest in the end anyway. I've stayed away from KS that say they need an investor to come in aswell before the game gets madecompleted..it's just to flaky for me. Finally if you have an investor lined up once you hit a set amount to complete the funding why have it then put up as stretch goals? You just say we need 2 million or whatever then an investor comes in with the rest and you all get the game and full SP game..not say we need to crowd fund 5 million before you get the game..surely that 5 million is in the bank through investors once they hit a magic figure..all seems abit odd. As we all know 5 million from crowdfunding only is just not going to happen. Anyway taking $800,000 of peoples money only to announce they don't get the full game unless they now hit 5 million doesn't seem right ot me..if thats the case.
  13. Make sense of them if you can..5 million before we get a full rich SP game..5 million before you can play the proper game online and not just an alpha..that bit makes no sense, why have that as a stretch goal in the first place? Again the info released is odd and confusing.. http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/ Chris really needs to explain things alot better and in more detial..those stretch goals esp the 5 million being the only one that mentions the full game being released is weird. I had a feeling no way could they make an SP game and a MMO for 2 million. This adds to my initial thoughts.
  14. I like the sound of a private small server than the main one to be honest... I wonder if you can set one up just for yourself and it has an AI or not, sort of a sandbox sp game then I suppose. Also yes the private server is excellent for modders, expect a Star wars and BSG and even Star Trek mods at some point. Just like Freelancer has the recent Star wars mod.
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