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  1. Hi all. To anyone who happens to look at my profile, I still plan to be active but am currently deployed abroad for several months.

    1. Donut


      God speed brother

    2. Rhehaud180
    3. Gallitin


      Good luck, stay safe!

  2. Ya, the question for me was "if I were going to upgrade, would this be the card to grab?". And for me I suppose it's not just about SC. Just did 3D Mark 11 on my rig and came back with 9200. GTX 980 (even with a lesser CPU paired) gets 18050. Obviously that's a flawed comparison but it looks pretty tempting.
  3. I agree with Juntau that the build looks solid. Think about SLI carefully, though. A lot of games have trouble with it, so it can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth.
  4. Hey team, I've had my twins for the past three years, and they've done good work for me. It seems that they are starting to hit their limit, though. During Far Cry 3 I could hear them crying (and see the constant stuttering). Let's not even get started on Star Citizen's problems with Crossfire... besides the fact that for me it is currently almost unplayable. So I'm wondering if you think dropping the $600 to upgrade to the shiny new GTX 980 would be a good decision. $600 is a bit of change for me, but given how much time I spend gaming I could justify it. It would also leave room for SLI down the road. Is there something else coming out in the next few months that I'm not aware of? One of the 6950's is XFX's- the first one failed on me after three days and I just get the feeling that the shoddy manufacturing is manifesting itself somehow in performance, as well. Thanks brothers n' sisters!
  5. They've changed it so that the first three teams get prizes. It just got competitive.
  6. I find it hard to believe that Valve is rigging things. They wouldn't make it so obvious.
  7. Wow, Green is just killin' it today. Over twice the points of any other team.
  8. I am also on the green team too as well! Though the ability to change teams makes the competition kind of silly.
  9. If this is true it might take my Steam sale money.
  10. This is true for me too. I used to spend $100+ during these sales, now it's usually less than $20.
  11. I fixed that for you
  12. Supposedly today, in 2 hours.
  13. I thought it would be nice to have a spot to talk about the impending sale. This can also be a support group. My name is Jaque and I'm a Steam addict. I'm aiming at Banished and Wolfenstein (though the latter probably won't go on sale)
  14. The American Way of Strategy by Michael Lind. A new book every two days
  15. I agree this combo looks a bit better. Then you can buy a cheap SSD to put your operating system on and install the games to the 1TB HDD (some people are bothered by load times, but you get no other performance increase from putting games on an SSD). The graphics card is fine and if you feel like it later, you can get a second one and SLI them (I'm assuming CIG will have fixed the issues with dual cards by then). That would, I suppose, create an issue because the power supply is a bit small (630W). So in that case you could consider making your own build with a hefty PSU to give yourself room to expand. That way all you would really need to do in the future is upgrade the GPU, because this CPU is unlikely to be your limiting factor. Have fun unboxing this stuff and putting it together!
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