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    I own a Ageius Gladius too...
  1. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted GPU?

    Ok, thanks guys! So my consensus is to wait for a new line of cards closer to release date, but i will keep an open eye on whats out there.
  2. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted GPU?

    I currently have a GTX 560 TI and it seems to run the hanger at about 20 fps. It is a great card to run games like crysis 3 on high setting but i fear it is being outdated quickly. My question is would it be worth buying another GTX 560 ti and SLI mode it for combined power, or would it be better just to completely upgrade to a new video card like a 780Ti ? I want to be able to run star citizen on high setting.
  3. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted Track IR?

    Is there any significant difference between Track IR 4 and 5? I want to know what will work best for my price.
  4. Space_racer

    Feedback Wanted Track IR?

    Does anyone know if Track IR will be integrated into the game? im considering the investment because using an analog stick on my joystick is tedious and imprecise. If anyone here has Track IR what are your suggestions and experiences?
  5. Space_racer

    fly your ships now!

    This popped up in my YouTube subscriptions if you want to see every ship and some flying check this out. Edit: just realized how old this video is so its probably irrelevant
  6. Space_racer

    the p-52

    im sure you wont be just limited to housing a p-52, i can imagine other small craft fitting eventually. who knows maybe a drone
  7. Space_racer

    the p-52

    Well with the small size of the p-52 it might prove to be very maneuverable and quick on acceleration
  8. Space_racer

    the p-52

    I was able to note-clip into the constellation and here is the untextured p-52 of angels i could get: http://imgur.com/F5ktaRo,BBKDu7S,ABtf3zi,YHQnIBK,KuxOiYq,4ChPSmF,KTAGZZk,54vyafu,fuQaRDm
  9. Space_racer

    Ship skins

    Does anyone know how these will work? will they just stretch a patter around our ship, or will is re-texture ships? and will it change color schemes? reference: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/add-ons
  10. Space_racer

    Super hornet?

    To the time machine for me! well darn i really wanted one, thanks for the info guys.
  11. Space_racer

    Super hornet?

    Hello everyone still kinda new, i was wondering how you are supposed to get your hands on a super hornet? I don't see it in the pledge store only the regular Hornet, F7C ghost and tracker. Could some one explain how one obtains a Super Hornet? or is not even out yet? reference: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ship-specs https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/hornet
  12. Space_racer

    Hi everyone!

    Hi im Space_racer, I live on the US east coast. I have pledged and purchased the arbiter pack, and the avenger pack as of right now, im looking to buy the Super hornet when that is out. Also i look forward to fly escort for larger ships on cargo runs and to some great teamwork .