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  1. I've update our post, and added our new Division for StarBound.
  2. Thank you! It's been a evolving logo for a few years. Just keeps more and more Dapper
  3. www.lethalitygroup.com Recruitment Info We are looking for new members to join us in our current and future divisions. If you’re energetic and excited about the many opportunities that await you with Lethality then so are we! Below you will find valuable information about Lethality Group and our mission to play in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. About Us Lethality Group is an online gaming community that's been in almost every MMO at one point. We recruit people from all nationalities and walks of life; drama and intolerance have no place here. We at Lethality prefer to look at our members as a family of gamers. Our main credo is to not just recruit players, but to recruit friends, with whom you can play with for years to come. Why Join our Community Tired of joining a new guild in every game that releases? Apply to Lethality where you can play with the same online family of friends from game-to-game. If there is an interest in any game that comes out, we’ll try and create a guild so that members can join and have a familiar home to start in. Even though many of us have different playtimes and styles we strive to ensure the success of every member in their chosen games. Players that have limited time or difficulty in completing content will be encouraged to join groups made by other members. In this way, we can ensure that nobody is left in the dust in completing content or “catching up”. Code of Conduct Respect everyone: Zero tolerance for race, sex, religion or sexual orientation bashing.TeamSpeak & Forums: Required for any game you play with the community to keep up with your division and news.No Drama: This rule is enforced to the extreme. If we feel someone is trying to start drama of any kind to get their way, they will be removed. Thick Skin: We are an all adult community for a reason. Chat and TeamSpeak are not censored, so take the jokes and horse play for what it is and move along. If you don't like a conversation that is taking place, ignore it or change channels.18 and over: We recruit adults, we do let in members younger on a case by case basis. Our Divisions Final Fantasy XIV: We are currently on the Leviathan server. Many members are in full Dark Light gear with relics, and working on Coil. We plan to own Player housing, and many of our members have all crafting professions. They are looking for new raiders to join them on coil runs and for future raids. They are always accepting casual members who are also looking for a place to call home, and have someone on to play with. Minecraft: Our community runs a 1.7.2 Vanilla server as this time. Everyone is welcome to join and play on it. It is set to Hard Survival and can be hard for new players, but people will always help if you ask. You can check it out at "mc.lethalitygroup.com" StarBound: Our community runs a Server now. You can check it out at "sb.lethalitygroup.com" Everquest Next & Landmark: Lethality already has 10+ members with the $100 Founders pack, we are organizing a large group for Landmark to create our future castle, and buildings to sell to the EQN community to fund future Lethality Group needs. When the main MMO part comes out, we plan to run a Large Scale Castle and Guild with in the game while doing all end game content. Star Citizen: We have 20+ players with LTI Ships, and with half of those in the $150 - $500 ship range. We are looking for any member who wants to join a structured Fleet to do every aspect of the game, from PvP to mining. More details on this division as the game draws closer. Elder Scrolls Online: We are currently deciding what faction we will be joining when the game releases, as of last poll Ebonheart Pact is the leading choice for our community. We are also voting on what type of server we will join, being PvP or PvE. WildStar: Our Community is set on Exiles for release, with the type of server still being voted on, PvP or PvE. No matter the server we will be looking to form an End game 40 man raid group, with a PvP group as well. We plan to do everything a Large Guild can achieve in this game. World of Warcraft: - Warlords of Draenor: With the new expansion coming out, and letting everyone make 1 new toon auto level to 90, we will be voting on Alliance or to stay Horde. This will allow everyone to create toon on the server we vote on with out people paying to join the community on this long term game. We will plan to Raid normal raids at least. Destiny: With the game coming out on console and PC, we are looking to create a strong division on the PC release. League of Legends: We currently have many members who play this nightly. Nether: Growing group of players for this game, a Steam greenlight. Battlefield 4: Many members play this game casually in groups. FAQs What’s the website again? www.lethalitygroup.com Where can I go to ask questions before applying? Always an Officer on TeamSpeak 3 at “ts3.lethalitygroup.com” Ask us on our Reddit. www.reddit.com/r/lethality What website system do you use? Why does it tell me I’m already registered. We are apart of the Enjin network, so your account is already set up, you just need to apply to our website at www.lethalitygroup.com