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  1. UE 4 & Unity 5 Are Free Now

    unity 5 looks amazing and its free which is even better been making a game in unity 4 for a while and will now be porting over to unity 5 Game is called factions, its an mmorpg, its still very much in early development stages http://www.indiedb.com/games/factions http://www.factionsgame.com/portal.php
  2. using those "build you own website" websites are a pain to use if you can't find a template you like you are stuffed cause you can't change the templates enough to suit your requirements if you find a template that works then its easy to do basic editing of it if you can get used to using the editing tools they provide those sites are good for hosting websites off but if you want to use there eCommerce stuff depending of the pricing of there packages they can be expensive if you or someone you know can build descent websites then you could save a lot of money over all by just paying for hosting and the domain in my experience i have found that just building a website in Dreamweaver then paying them for only hosting and domain is the easiest and most cost effective way of doing a website
  3. trying to sell some of the ships off individual might be a bit easier than selling the entire account
  4. Rental ship poll

    The standard rental price should be a percentage of the total ship cost so if a ship cost 10,000 UEC and a rental rate of 5% per month then you would pay 2,000 UEC rental rate would be subject to change but would be between 5 and 20 percent if the org was to set a rate then there would be no under or over charging
  5. why don't you just melt your current package down and buy an avenger and get them to add your alpha access and LTI back on. Send customer support a ticket they will sort you out
  6. Hello

    hello my name is whiskers434 and i am a recruit