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  1. Glutten

    Recruit reporting in

    Welcome! Välkommen!
  2. Glutten

    New guy

    Welcome. Välkommen till the Base.
  3. Glutten

    Good afternoon

    Welcome fellow explorer. See you on the edge of the verse.
  4. Glutten

    Glory to the Imperium!

  5. Glutten

    Semper Fi

  6. Glutten

    Glutten reporting in.

    Thanks and No i dont have gluten alergy. It's an old nickname i got when one of my best friends drunk sister couldn't remember my real name.
  7. Glutten

    Glutten reporting in.

    Hallo. Glutten is my name and exploring is my game. In my hangar i got a Aurora LX and a Origin 315p for exploration and a MISC Starfarer i was thinking of using for support to longrange combat missions and exploration. I am a big (old) fan of Freelancer and StarWars Galaxys. So i was really excited when i found out about Star Citizen. I have been waiting for a new space sim for a long time. I'm from Sweden (39yo) and play WoT when i have some free time to spare. Looking in forums i found out that Imperium has a large group of people from Sweden and even a Swedish division. I hope i can join your fine guild and support Imperium in the future. //Glutten.