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  1. I saw this a couple of days ago and had to share... Too Funny!
  2. I think this will add so much to the immersion of SC! I LOVE it!!
  3. Welcome to the Fleet! Yea Im so excited about this game. I'm Always Jones-in for more info
  4. Well Welcome Dezno. Nice to have you here. I too am a Connie owner and love it. I am like you and feel like a Kid in a Candy Store! We have a Great group here and if you have any questions just Yell I'm sure there's a Imperium around the corner somewhere .
  5. Welcome Plain. You have come to the right place, This is a special place full of very special people
  6. byuknight


    Welcome Ocean! Nice to have you aboard!
  7. Welcome to the base. Yea I love the Connie...and I haven't even taken it for a spin yet.
  8. Welcome Adruniel. Look forward to fighting along your side
  9. Welcome to the Imperial Fleet and Trade & Industry also Ice! Nice Motor Pool you have there! Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse
  10. Love this.... So easy to catch up on things I missed all week. Thx guys
  11. Nice Guide. Look forward to seeing more.
  12. Board ships, I would imagine or whatever is needed
  13. Welcome to the Fleet. Nice set of ships there
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