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  1. To be honest I don´t really remember what I used....It was some Hex/Crc/Sha creator tool I found online....even possible that I used a combination of them....it was late and I was bored May be we will encounter an alien race that uses sounds....would be funny...
  2. I guess some nanotechnology based chip placed in me would be more realistic (ok may be realistic is not the best word but you know what I mean )
  3. I always have a hard time choosing a name as you are supposed to keep it "forever".... In the end I took a name of a movie character I always liked and let it run through some encryption tools that gave out this short assembly of digits / letters....I mean, we are in the future....who needs names....an individual code should be enough
  4. I already thought the homepage was banned from my workplace....luckily just maintenance
  5. The driver was Roger Rodas.... RIP both of them...
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