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  1. Hi Dark, Welcome aboard!
  2. Welcome. Hope we fly together soon!
  3. Glad you joined. See you in game!
  4. I picked up the Idris-P upgrade kit with the big gun and missiles missiles missiles. Last year it sold out too fast for me to get the kit.
  5. I'm not listed as a member on the Portal. Should I be worried?
  6. It isn't limited to people who already own one. All the time slots are for new would be owners. Assuming you have one now, you have a sku saved for you. I will certainly be getting this. But it was said a long time ago a P could be upgraded to an M after release. I assume this is either how it played out, or is an in between step. Regardless CIG asked, would you like more guns, and I say, yes please, here is my money.
  7. As I understand it, they are reworking the Captain's chair. I caught wind of this on a recent Noobifier video, A welcome change I'd have to say. If they are indeed reworking the bridge it doesn't make sense that you could spawn the ship. But then again you can spawn the Redeemer, but that is way over due for a rework too. >_<
  8. If you recall from the GamesCom demo, the owner of the Connie disconnected and no one vanished. However, none of the other players were able to drive the ship. I understand this will be changed in that the owner will be able to give permissions to other players so that if the owner DCs, another player with permissions can drive. Of course all this is still early days and we don't even have lockable ships yet.
  9. Välkommen Ubi, Glad you joined. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the verse!
  10. Welcome Rakkis, glad you joined. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
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