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  • Birthday 04/12/1977

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    Hickam, Hawaii
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    Space Sim PC Games (FS2 Mods FTW!!!!)
    Space Opera Novels (Flint, White)
    Computer building/modding

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About Me

- 13 years as USAF Pilot/WSO
- Currently at C-17 Aircraft Commander Requal Course in Altus, OK....yea!  Orders are to Hickam AFB, Hawaii next!

- Just finished a 1 year deployment as USAF Air Advisor for Afghan Air Force Mi-17 Detachment and C208 Instructor Pilot

- At Home T-6 USAF Pilot Training Instructor (Aerobatics, formations [4-ship]), Low-levels)

- Former C-17 Aircraft Commander
- Former B-1B WSO (Think Goose from Top Gun but I could drop bombs!!)
- University of Arizona BA in History (Ancient Meso-American History), Masters from Embry Riddle University in Aviation Systems Safety
- Free Time: Just got into computer building and water cooling. Other than that hanging out with my Princess and our 3 kids.

- Sci-Fi Space opera fanatic. Huge fan of Space Quest Series as well.

- Played every WC game I could get my hands on...never gets old. Have been waiting for something since StarLancer and playing the crap out of FS2 and associated MODs.

See ya'll in Space!!!

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