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  1. I was trying to go farm some pirates yesterday when I figured that I cant even board my Super Hornet Oo I hope this is over tonight, need some starting cash for trading runs.
  2. Honestly, I did not, there are only to potential possibilities. 1. Bug 2. Hack Checked everything else and changed PW just in case. But nothing of actual value is missing. Ah well looks like a new start from 0 with and reconfig of my ships. Can someone borough me 5k creds as a kickstart?
  3. I can absolutely relate. Had 2 crashes that cost me half my creds but today I got some interesting behaviour. When I logged off yesterday evening my credit count was at 150k, all ships ins Olisar, landed and stowed away. As I log in about half an hour ago I have 32 creds left and my ships have been stripped of weapons. And it seems I am missing a few weapons. Absolutely no clue what has happened.
  4. Flarebright

    Idris-P Escort

    The Idris P is perfect as an escort for a trade convoy of multiple ships. In itself the Idris can most likely give hell to a bunch of fighters and if the Hangars are used by other pilots and their fighters and maybe a Tracker, you have a great CAP which can fly ahead. I see the use of the Idris more as a support vessel for convoys or military actions. And besides I think its much more fun to play with others. I am on my way of aquiring the Idris P and I plan to use it in my spare time to escort imperial convoys. Solo, well I think there the Idris is a good base for exploration but honestly I havent given that much thought.
  5. True, lets hope it does or there will be a lot of testing during beta required. But I think the Tracker is a solid ship which will be able to fulfill a lot of purposes and if its only coordinating multiple squadrons during minor battles. But lets see what we actually get in the end
  6. Pretty good idea to test it during the dogfight modul. I want to see it perform when Ghosts are around, I think this might give us a clue on how good the system is when active or passive. So you got yourself a volunteer. I would prefer testing my Tracker but I can also provide my Ghost to see how and when the Tracker detects the Ghost.
  7. Schönen Gruß eines Exil-Düsseldorfers aus Wien Willkommen
  8. My beloved Currywurst... something I miss the most in Austria and the first thing I have when back home
  9. I have bought the Tracker for 2 reasons. With its enhanced sensors it is perfectly suited for scout and recon flights either in a wing or far ahead of the fleet on its own. The Hornet seems to be very durable so even if the Tracker is detected he has enough time to make a run for it and get back to the fleet. And in regards of patrols, I think the the Tracker can play in 2 roles as well. First as a central C&C for multiple patrol wings to coordinate them while staying further back and "safe" and as a early warning system attached directly to a patrol wing. I for myself would prefer the Tracker to be used as a C&C for multiple Patrols and as a forward scout for the fleet. The question is, how much advantage does the sensor dome actually provide.
  10. Exam passed, looking forward to put my experience to best use for the Imperium.
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