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  1. this will be perfect for our Combat Ops Strike Teams
  2. yeah thaNks for that too bad i didnt get first fleet but im fine being second
  3. i was thinking also that corvette class would be the "ideal" size for a reconnaissance craft, unless lits like that "This is Eve" video where the hulking fortress of a ship just decloaks in front of the squad. (unless that was a "warp" in?)
  4. wow first time i see a ONI prowler, i had a totally different image in my head but now that i take another look at that picture, i just imagined a elongated version of that ship. still, looking forward to the Espera Prowler which is the next best thing for us i feel
  5. i can always wait around Imperium members have preference so if u have a offer feel free to pm me bump check -----12/17/14
  6. Hey there everyone. just recieved a digital download copy for Far Cry 4 but i really am not into the series so id like to sell it for $45 paypal or for 2 $20 aurora packages (anniversary sale) or even 40 dollars in rsi creds via gift card! thanks and feel free to pm me its a downloadable code youll recieve
  7. wow wonder what other goodies u have in that deep pocket of urs
  8. EIIipse

    PC for SC

    just a heads up, i talked to a newegg rep in chat and cancelled my 256 ssd card purchase since for the same price u can now get 500 gig ssd samsung and it comes with farcry 4 free if u need a ssd id recommend now is the time http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147249&ignorebbr=1
  9. EIIipse

    PC for SC

    just nabbed a 256 samsung ssd so i can dedicate it exclusively for star citizen
  10. yeah it all depends on the lti coverage as to whether ill go all out
  11. Good point @Nevermore how can i edit it to make it a spoiler? dont see the spoiler option
  12. yeah i agree many flaws with op pitchfork just thought id share this cool pic of the "fleet" however i have read pitchfork wont be a mass zerg, rather independant orgs working towards the same goal of "pushing back" the vanduul in their own way, be it logistics or whatever but this is a high risk carry on into the live game i would think since no wipes. i believe vanduul space will be at least threat level 4 and if its threat level 5 like i think it will.....oh boy.....lots of citizen tears will be shed when they realize smashing heads against a vanduul MILITARY armada as youve mentioned will be a big massacre not that it wont be fun or a emotional rollercoaster, its just really high risk
  13. and then add the 500k from the 200 javelins they are gonna make....another mill guaranteed
  14. Just gotta say wow....that image just gets my blood boiling for some vanduul engagements. 71 IDRISIS LEADING THE CHARGE! over 500 connies!!!! and whats more theres only probably half the ships at the moment listed in the picture that are commited to the engagement! thoughts? https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/190967/pop-quiz-how-many-ships-does-it-take-to-attack-the-vanduul-in-operation-pitchfork#latest
  15. I for one never played eve but this trailer does give me the goosbumps in the exitement/heat of the moment battles that will be taking place in the future of star citizen. so thanks for posting the vid
  16. anyone mind asking for next time if the owner or "Captain" of a pledge for capital ship or higher will have a white captains uniform or some sort of badge to show npc as well as players on board without having to state it that you are the captain while strolling down your halls?
  17. wow that truly is an iconic photo that just gets your blood flowing
  18. yeah its cool to see one of ours get a question answerd. so congrats at @Drum on that
  19. reclaimer has been sold thank you everyone for your interest
  20. and yes....those are pictures of the javelin (bottom left) i downloaded for my wallpaper XD
  21. hey there Imperium, imma try a run at that javelin on friday and id like to sell my reclaimer to one of you in imperium so this fine ship isnt lost in the RSI melt originally sold for $350 id like to recieve $425.00 USD paypal i will cover the fees let me know if interested because on thursday night, this ship hits the smelter ive never done a sale on here so i probably wont have sale feedback but ive been in imperium for over a year and lets just say im like a bad lice ~ im here to STAY! so no need to worry if im a crook, because this money will go towards a Javelin for our lovely org ;D
  22. yeah i really think we shouldnt divert our resources to a bengal with what would presumably have a organized defense force to protect the city already established in the shell of a "former" carrier. not saying were not able to take it, i just dont think it would be flyable without a insane amount of equipment/uee creds to get it operational (which i highly doubt it will be) i say let other orgs push into nul and have a war to distract them while we sweep the outer reaches for a better alternative
  23. ive read so much fan fiction it gets me dreaming of it u can use me any way u like: Ellipse - True Hawks Exploration
  24. Hey guys, i read this piece of info from the latest Kaizen and wow...gives me goosbumps at the thought of such a contract. SO lets grab this unicorn by the horn and feed it till it explodes UEE creds for imperium boys! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next up, a unicorn sighting. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a unicorn sighting refers to a contract opportunity so rare that landing one is considered as likely as spotting the mythological horned beasts. The unicorn in question? Rumor has it that MacArthur is shortly going to be looking to outsource its food provision services. With the UEEN looking to cut costs, it seems they may be opening up the coveted opportunity to public sector bids for the first time ever. They say that militaries march on their stomach, so you can imagine just how lucrative such a contract has the potential to be with thousands of starman and support staff needing to be fed. As investors begin to speculate, Torreele Foodstuffs has already seen a 5% jump in its index pricing.
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