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  1. Should probably mention that that is a console account
  2. Excellent show as always tonight! Thank you much for the shiny new Avenger as well! Was a nice surprise seeing that Skype pop-up!
  3. Sword Art Online is SHIT

    A SAO fan myself, in the process of rereading the light novels before season 2 comes out.
  4. Space Pirates and Zombies 2

    I never did finish my playthrough of the first one. I should
  5. War Thunder, Anyone?

    Waiting on GF for the most part
  6. Origin Games Giveaway

  7. Server Migration

    Seem to have an issue with bracket coding since the update. Cant see fonts, bold, center, etc anymore it all has the code showing for me.
  8. Meaning of your name/handle?

    Originally started out online in a lotr forum where we did alot of forum based role play. I had joined the kingdom of Lothlorien and had created my character as a Half-elven, was originally known as ElvishKnight untill I decided to get an actual name when I just googles elven name translations. Found mine, was good enough and Rissien became my online persona since!
  9. Only heard multiple metal songs once and that was a week ago. Its fine.
  10. Was great last night, looking forward to next week and hoping I win lol. I'm broke and a free ship would be awesome!
  11. Bunch of techno get added? lol Doing an end game run in FFXIV with my static. They hear it playing in the background and pointed out its been techno all night lol.
  12. Well heard a couple live DJ's while was playing Final Fantasy. Was busy in a dungeon at the time so couldnt pay attention to what was being said but still good job. Also thanks to this station I just had an 8 year old puzzle finally solved for me! Back in 05 when Myspace was the big thing I had an Advent Children AMV on my profile. One day someone hacked my account and I lost everything. Since then I have gone not remembering enough of the song that was in the video to get the song. However one day while playing World of Tanks and listening to The Base I heard something farmiliar. Switchback by Celldweller. It wasnt the beginnning that I specifically remembered but the chorus itself rang a bell. I immediatly looked up the song and while it wasnt correct my mind kept playing the opening sequence along with the chorus following and it just seemed to fit. So I looked up remixes of the song and found it! Thank you guys! I have gone on way too long wondering what that song was and finally have it again!
  13. Thank you! Can finally stream on my phone at work!
  14. Hello, looking to join some friends who joined the Imperium in the Explorers division! CubCadet sent me here, looking forward to Star Citizen in the future.