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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Mercer


      Oh hey Donut! Thanks! Yeah, I still lurk once in a while xD

  2. Glory to NASArtzka!
  3. Well that's kinda cool. Interesting way for NASA to generate interest in their programs. I feel bad for them sometimes because their stuff gets defunded frequently.
  4. And you're banned for having banned too many people, Wyv XD
  5. That's probably true, but I've definitely met more adults who played MC than kids. I mean, complex redstone mechanics and stuff.
  6. It's weird that people liked a game where you could build anything and explore an expansive, never-ending world that had a unique visual style? If you need games to make fun of for not really being games, you should check out Nerd cubes Hell.
  7. AH! I love Battlefield Friends! PROMOOOOTTTEEEDDDDD!!!
  8. Yeah, most of Imperium was on NC, but luckily I convinced a band of us to go VS Now that I'm an NC defector, I can't go back or they'll shoot me. (Actually, they'd shoot me regardless, HA!)
  9. Looks like they have some "wicked, awesome, dude," ideas to implement.
  10. banned for posting twice in the same thread
  11. I didn't think those written chapters were that bad. I know that writers have a tendency to look down at their work as if it is dreadful material, and want to start anew..
  12. How about banned for starting a thread like this xD
  13. Awesome stuff . My grampa was in the Navy, I have always wondered what being at sea was like. One of these days I'm going to sail across the atlantic ocean. Talk about old fashioned xD
  14. My cousin looked into standing desks as he was curious to see if it was a fad. Now he swears by them. I'll probably get a standing desk whenever I can afford one haha.
  15. I actually have 100 images change every 20 minutes, so I let Ps blend them:
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