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  1. IMHO what i liked more about this delay in the DFM, its the ability of CIG to see how things went different from to start of the game, and now. And act according with the situation. Chris made a plan on one thing, but that is past now, because the game, is going so well, and the rise of foundings are coming so fast, that he decided to work towards something better than he planned originally. And thats what i like in Chris Roberts, he can do things different to offer something better. He is not worry about the marketing of DFM would become, and that was why he planned to create this module in first place. But he wants to make the role game, something to live the expectation of the players. Even, of course delaying one module, that was something that the players was expecting. Looks controversial but its not. Its very wise imo.
  2. If this will be a PC game as stated before, and will acept that people create mods for the game, i see no reasons to be worrie about wich joystick will be good for the game. I'm sure of that all the good ones that we already have on the market will work just fine. Although i wouldnt be surprise if they make a special editon for the SC. I recently bought for my self Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X, wich its not the top, nor the bottom. I hear some good reviews and for the prices, is great for my needs. (http://www.thrustmaster.com/pt-br/products/tflight-hotas-x ) For what i saw so far from CIG they are very concern about fidelity about the details of everything in this game, so i am sure that, if the ships has the stick and the throttle, as you can see inside of the cockipt of a Hornet for exemple. I belive they will use this kind of controllers like they use in their ships.
  3. Exacly my point. Every fun game, expecially space games, need pirates. We need conflict. Not just wars, but all kinds of conflicts. And if we dont have pirates, why would i became a Bounty Hunter in the first place? I need some one to go after! And not just war enemies! So i think that we will have some flaws in the system that allow people to break it, and get away of it. Because then, you will need a specialist to hunt this kind of criminal down. But to break the law, it need to be easy and some what rewarding, because, if its not, why should some one break it in the first place? So to be a pirate you need to play your style without to worry about otheres, need to be some what easy, and rewarding, and need to have a way to you to break the law and get away without everyone knowning you are a pirate, or something like that. People dont say outfront that they are going to be a pirate, because theres a bourden saying that, and because no one knows how safe would be a pirate or not. No one will be a pirate, if you dont have a good chance to escape.
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