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  1. DeathByDigital

    RSI Orion

    Me too. Upgraded talli bomber to orion. Think the orion makes more money than the bomber.
  2. was hoping i could get hold of a Corvette, Idris, or something similar during this sale, but haven't seen hints that the "new Corvette" or the old is going on sale. So i can spend money on the crucible and the "harvester" in stead it seems... :(
  3. Just a thought.. The repairships will be more needed @ outposts? Dont you have repair shops @ central systems/cities? where you land on platforms and get fixed by repair droids/probes? (as seen on 2.0? -still that might just be for testing purposes now, and subject to change)
  4. Hope some ppl here are old enough to remember:
  5. Idris can work in the explorer role.. so i can use one... i would be happier about the 1250 price than 2500 since thats the only ship i desire... I cant melt part of a package? if i remember correctly? so melt a few others to get Hope instead of a few fighters is no-go?
  6. Hmm.. i Really would like to own a Idris. And this is probably one of the few chances to get one... Did start the day with buying a Endeavor Hope, and if i buy a Armada Pack as well, it would be a rather costly day.... (and of all those ships it is only the Idris that is desirable for me) have to find my thinking hat...
  7. a little update since im not much on TS or anywhere near the computer these days/weeks/months.... Mancave is updated.. just redecorating a 50m2 room... and are now installing SC to see how bad my computer will run SC on a 55" UHD tv.... But this is work in progress, so no time for "gaming or forums"
  8. I have 780 atm and a cheap extra for sli usually is just as good as next gen. . Atm that is the plan.
  9. Co pilot is getting a few spare screens, so he can monitor chat and other info channels that might come
  10. not much exploration in the novel? you may use me if need a old explorer. callsign "DBD" ill read the first chapters as bedtime story later.
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