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  1. You guys seem to have mistaken me. I'm not a modder, really, though I did do a hard code rewrite for some Halo 1 back in the day just to play with it. I am a 3d modeller. I'm just making the ship and doing the physics for it. Actual modification of the game? You won't see me partaking. I like the idea of player created areas, jobs, quests, skins, and all of that as much as the next guy, but I'm making ships, not mods. As to what I've used, ohgod. uhm.... *deep breath* Maya, Lightwave, Max, softimage, modo, sketchup, photoshop, gimp, blender. I can use most features of most of those. I am not professionally trained, but you could call me a bit of a "hobbiest" LOL. I'm actually a CS major, not a media major or art major. I've done more coding than anything else. (Love Blender for its python interface for that reason)
  2. I'll be using Blender for now. Though I have several student versions of Maya and 3ds Max, all student versions come with the stipulation that the products of any work done with them can be at no profit to myself or others. Basically that means that if I submitted models using my special versions (which are really just full versions which are limited license) I could be putting myself at risk, since I'll be getting in-game money(hazy but possible to fight for them in court) and it is possible that I could also be putting Chris Roberts at risk as well, since he will be using the ships in a way that gets him real life money. To avoid all those pitfalls, I'm going to be using Blender until I graduate end of next year. Then I'll be using an upgraded version of 3ds Max for my final products. I may upgrade my licence to Lightwave as well, for rendering and texturing, haven't decided yet. That's actually pretty interesting. That's really different from the US software laws. I suppose it might be legal then, but who knows since RSI is an American-based company.
  3. 1. Already done, my man. 2. If free is all you can afford, go blender. It's more all around fun to use compared to most software regardless. Because of liscencing, you'd need to buy the full version of whatever professional software you want to use. Blender is gonna be the best thing for your money(free). 3. Looks terribly underused and unpopulated... but I'll certainly post whatever I do there just for fun. That would be highly illegal for: The person who gave it to you, you, and RSI for allowing stolen content to be put into their game. Terrible, terrible idea to try and mess with software licencing laws when it comes to animation software, believe me.
  4. Yeah I've noticed that Monk. Sounds good to me. Welcome aboard!
  5. Sorry about the double post but I didn't want to put this in the one about my corporation. Good thing he's trying to inspire me and not you then, . I see plenty of potential. I can DEFINITELY see what you're going for. I'd be happy to help you, but that's really not the design direction I'm going with for my particular ships. I'm gonna be posting a design document later this week so you can see what I want to do. That said, I'd love to help you with bringing chrome, pipes, and massive numbers of greebles to the SC world. Hells. Yes. That's an awesome blog. Haven't gone through it all yet, but these seem similar to the type of thing that I want to do.
  6. Jesus guys, derail me harder please. Give me some time on this one, I got a job and whatnot. Fenrir Aerospace History: Fenrir Aerospace is a company built and owned by Christalah Jeradal, and is a subsidiary of the Imperium Fleet. Fenrir Aeronautics originally manufactured high end in-atmosphere transports for the Citizens of Earth itself, but it eventually grew to be an interplanetary company, using a few MISC ships as their main avenue of hauling. On one of Christalah's many trips to a convention for the advancement of the Aeronautics industry, he met ___________________*, who convinced him that the designs which his company were creating were worth marketing not only to Platinum Level Citizens, but should also be marketed to the general public. The two became buisiness partners, with Christalah maintaining most creative design influence on their ships, and ________________* acting as a consultant for conceptual ideas and marketing. ___________*'s leadership brought Fenrir into the 29th century, finally making it an interstellar corporation. This was a major turning point for Fenrir. Not only had Christalah never meant to leave Earth and the constant safety of the UEE's protection, he had never imagined to be going out of the Sol system, and even that his designs would be able to prosper so well. It was then that he decided to pitch to his marketing team the idea of beginning to manufacture not just in-atmosphere flyers but also spacecraft. The vote was close, with the deciding vote coming down to ______________*. Fenrir Aeronautics was now Fenrir Aerospace. Christalah immediately began drawing up concepts of ships, from freighters to luxury yachts to personal snub craft. Not long after the switch was made, Fenrir transports began coming under attack by pirates in the outer rim of the Empire. The slow response time, if any, of UEE ships meant that the pirates would succeed in seizing or destroying the shipments at an extremely high rate: almost 80 percent of the shipments in these regions were lost. At this time, __________* and Christalah were both approached by __________** who claimed to be a member of the Imperium Fleet, which regularly operated on the outside of UEE control. He believed that the two organizations would benefit from interaction. Christalah immediately contacted the more legitimate leadership of the fleet and told them of his plans: For support in guarding his shipments to the outer planets, Christalah would begin designing not just luxury yachts but warships specifically for the Imperium fleet. The leadership of the Imperium decided that this kind of direct interaction with a design, development, and manufacturing firm could give them the edge they needed to secure more space in the name of Humanity and the Imperium. * means YOUR NAME HERE! Be the guy to help me with the daunting task of making this work! ** means.... please Intel let me use your character. I'm an RPer so I would never use it without asking first, I can easily rewrite it if you don't like the idea I put forth.
  7. Guys. It's called a JOYstick for a reason. We shall get so much joy.
  8. What in the hell have I just watched?!?!?!
  9. I'm gonna have to repledge if we get anywhere close to that.
  10. Of course, that's what I'd love is to make it a community effort. The company part is what I'm talking about. I mean tons of places allow fan submissions or ideas. Heck, even a few EVE ships are fan-designed. And Infinity as well. But the idea of being able to say I was the one who designed this company for the game... that's just sweet.
  11. Duuuuude.... I've never had a personal anyone. This just may be worth it. Does he make a killer Bond-style Martini?
  12. Its a secret till release! We only have to wait... 12 months till Alpha.
  13. Hey and welcome! Always glad to see another space enthusiast.
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