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  1. Dont forget the M50 is stock, with lots o room for expansion and the 350r already has some upgrades (from stock 300i)
  2. Extremely quick response, smooth transaction, Thank you for the 350!
  3. Cool. Can't wait to see your new rig. Keep us posted
  4. @ Jackpot, depending on your reseviour you should not need to keep your case on the side, let the pump do the work, and keep filling your res. (dont let it go empty though). I have a fairly large top radiator and filling was fine. I put my pump on max and kept an eye on my res. Also koolance has multiple colored coolant in which you dont need dye. They also have some nice high volume single pumps http://koolance.com/ http://koolance.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=58 http://koolance.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=122_111
  5. @Jackpot I used koolance pump, blocks and fittings. This was my first water cooling experience and am really happy Currently: Pump / reservoir a into a triple gpu water block into 120x360x54 radiator configured push pull, into another pump reservoir into cpu block into a 120x240x54 radiator push pull and back into first pump. I did this because I was afraid a single pump wouldn't push the flow rate I wanted and it also gives me a redundant pump. [Would hate to be without my pc waiting on parts] One pump would work although would run about 80%. Right now both pumps in series runs at about 15% and are super quiet. I put a flow meter after each pump to make sure I wasn't getting any differential. [Really only needs one] and a temp probe after each radiator. I run my flow rate@ 2.1 lpm System idles around 27 degrees centigrade. 4 hour 100% full load endurance test my temps peeked at around 57 degrees. [Not water loop but core temp] pretty happy with that. My titans are running around 1125 mhz and cpu 3875 mhz I can't over clock any more cause my psu is maxed. Once you start upping the gpu core voltages those titans draw allot.
  6. I7 3960X 3x Titan 32GB Corsair Vengance Asus Rampage Extreem IV 2x Corsair Force GS 250gb 3x Samsung Series 9 Running 7680 x 1440 Custom Cooling Everything overclocked to the limit on my powersupply Crysis 3 runs 7794 x 1440 Very High Settings @ 60 FPS
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