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      yes det gör jag inte så himmla aktivt dock har kört lite 3.7 innan var det en släng av 3.5

      vart tog alla från kyrass vägen?


  5. Oh wow that artwork looks amazing, I wish they had too, by todays standards that one wouldnt fit the bloated/bulky design of MISC though. That 2nd design gives me the Homeworld vibes
  6. Im so tired of this "Beeee grateful that CIG interacts, no other gaming company in the history of mankind has been as kind and giving as our lord and saviour Chris (CIG)" Its true they do communicate with the community alot and we should be thankful for what they do for us, but as with most kickstarters (not unique to starcitizen) the backers usually have a large influence on design and gameplay. Take any other kickstarter right now like Chronicles or Elyria or Ashes of Creation (in AoC case they changed the entire gameplay and UI after the first feedback from alpha 1 aswell as major details on cosmetic/mounts etc that were given out to early backers). Carrack was one of the (if not the most) sold ships in the game, one of the largest sums of cash flowing into their coffers to directly back the game, I dont think it hurts to listen to the hand that feeds you sometimes That being said, they usually do listen after complaints are large enough so keep discussing your thoughts on the Carrack like we always do and throw in your opinion on the official spectrum threads under Carrack aswell now and then All feedback is good feedback even when its salty tears from us cultists of the holy Carrack. Yeah the hammerhead pod design was weird, but they had problem finding a good placement for the last one. Which is no excuse if the ship goes under and one pod is missing hehe. I do believe they will fix it and also havent you always wanted to launch someone out in space using a missile launcher ? I will be gone from any source of internet other then a small limited amount on my phone for a month, It will be interesting to see if there is any new information about the carrack when I get back after christmas. So I will say it now, Merry christmas to you all and a good new year!
  7. Agreed, I hope its the 165m version ofc but looking at that greybox and seing how big the cargo modules are I am getting worried its acctually the 133m long one. at one point they increased the cargo modules because it couldnt fit the tonnage that it was supposed to from the ancient 125m concept. But when the greybox for 155m came out the new modules vs size of the new carrack didnt look much diffrent. But on this version however, the cargo modules and even other components looks huge in proportion to the body, maybe its just the short thruster giving that illusion but it really looks like a small body with 40% scaled components on it. Hence why I fear its 133m long, but lets hope im wrong.
  8. I did much prefer the larger 153-170m carrack though, I think we also might have lost a turret on that used to be in on the cargo module. I made a picture where you can compare the older large greybox (scaled up version). VS the new one below.
  9. Its the same as before they started they said, maybe 10m longer (but that is with 15m shorter engine give or take) so 15m larger in the other proportions. The cargo modules looks alooooot bigger now to compared to the older designs where they were not as visible. Marked a timer (also you can also almost see on Jareds face that he is thinking at that moment, I wonder what the community will say now) XD
  10. They started a thread for this 3 days ago, alot of ppl arent happy with the changes. Wether you like them or not you should make your voice heard cause now is the chance to change it before they go into exterior detailed work (as that is the next job now when the interior layout is finally finished) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65293/thread/disfigured-carrack
  11. Oh wow, I cant say im happy with the changes even if id like to be considering its finally in production But having it 40% larger then the original design and then scaled down again to only being 10m longer then the original design "8%" (See pic of original design and size comparison below) is kind of a let down for me, aswell as it being 7m wider making it pretty wide compared to length Also the way they shrank it felt cheap, instead of keeping the old concept they had to make the mid section of the ship longer to fit all the interior (hence the 40% increase) but instead decided they could get it back in orignal size again by cutting the engine by 60% making the entire ships design look extremly bulky and weird. CIG you had ONE job, there is no cheap way when you work with the most anticipated ship in the game.... sharpen up!! Not making matter better by not giving us a real excuse (possibly hidden from us) for why they shrank it, what they said is that it was to big for a 6 man crew ship. If thats the case how come the luxury yatch 890 Jump who has a crew of 3 and max 5 is nearly 185m long now.... thats 50% larger then the current carrack for a smaller crew ship. But you know we gotta fit that swimming pool, surely that is a better argument to keep its size vs carrack having a big engine, I mean why would it need that as a long ranged explorer? 🤦‍♂️ (not saying the 890 jump should be smaller) im saying the carracks size was justified for being bigger then the original, being named after one of the largest classes of ships in the 14th century. Pardon my rant my dear fellow Carrack lovers
  12. Sadly in this video you can here from Jared that the Carrack has officially stopped its production. (with other words it hasnt been touched since last update, around january) I linked it at the right moment of when he starts talking about it 😕 Its time to bring out the pitchforks and torches 😛
  13. Nice video and ty for posting, Frontal shield or one sided shield was also an idea that I had but I just wondered how that could work in SC gameplay, also I dont think the ship should havea strong hull if it got shields as it has to trade for one of them, hence why they ship would me slim in design cause lack of armour, but that would make it harder to hit from the front once the shield goes down. I still would like the ship to maybe have 1 supportive module on it may it be repair drones or a med bay if that wouldnt wreck balance. I here what you say but I still think we should have more ships in the support role, might not have to be medical but something adding to the fleet other then weps and such
  14. Very good feedback and thanks! Alot of ppl have wrote to me about similiar ideas, mainly keeping the shield idea and make it the primary thing, which I can understand to since that alone makes the ship unique, orginially about the shield size it wasnt gonna be much larger then the ship maybe twice as wide or three times the ships current width. that would be just enough to fit a connie hugging against the ships side or a few smaller fighters and a vulcan. I think you are right, the hangar might be to much and all the support added to the ship, larger ships gets abit crippled though without their hangars as they cant use smaller fighters with them in shorter operations, but that could also balance this ship as it should be a "fleet" ship and not a lonewolf. Thanks for reading Switch!
  15. Thats a nice idea indeed! It should have pretty bad armament aswell so its not replacing any other ship already out there in similiar size. we dont know exactly how repair drones works yet but if they got quite a large radius then a drone bay on one of these ships could repair other larger ships while in battle or even use drones for picking up escape pods.
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