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  1. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Sadly in this video you can here from Jared that the Carrack has officially stopped its production. (with other words it hasnt been touched since last update, around january) I linked it at the right moment of when he starts talking about it 😕 Its time to bring out the pitchforks and torches 😛
  2. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Nice video and ty for posting, Frontal shield or one sided shield was also an idea that I had but I just wondered how that could work in SC gameplay, also I dont think the ship should havea strong hull if it got shields as it has to trade for one of them, hence why they ship would me slim in design cause lack of armour, but that would make it harder to hit from the front once the shield goes down. I still would like the ship to maybe have 1 supportive module on it may it be repair drones or a med bay if that wouldnt wreck balance. I here what you say but I still think we should have more ships in the support role, might not have to be medical but something adding to the fleet other then weps and such
  3. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Very good feedback and thanks! Alot of ppl have wrote to me about similiar ideas, mainly keeping the shield idea and make it the primary thing, which I can understand to since that alone makes the ship unique, orginially about the shield size it wasnt gonna be much larger then the ship maybe twice as wide or three times the ships current width. that would be just enough to fit a connie hugging against the ships side or a few smaller fighters and a vulcan. I think you are right, the hangar might be to much and all the support added to the ship, larger ships gets abit crippled though without their hangars as they cant use smaller fighters with them in shorter operations, but that could also balance this ship as it should be a "fleet" ship and not a lonewolf. Thanks for reading Switch!
  4. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Thats a nice idea indeed! It should have pretty bad armament aswell so its not replacing any other ship already out there in similiar size. we dont know exactly how repair drones works yet but if they got quite a large radius then a drone bay on one of these ships could repair other larger ships while in battle or even use drones for picking up escape pods.
  5. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Now this is a real discussion, better! Those comparisons was in lack of better words as I was trying to compare to the "missing role" im looking for (using other games even though I know very well SC isnt a regular mmo and hope it never will be) and yes the vulcan is the first ship suited for this coming as a military variant aswell as expected from an Aegis ship. However the Vulcan isnt quite there yet, I was looking more of a ship buffing the fleet with its ability adding some more flexibility to the battle in a unique way. Vulcan surely is a step in the right direction, Polaris is a corvette in the normal sense of a "corvette" it has offensive armaments and torp bays and its own hangar abit like a small mix of a jav and an idris, very suited for fleet combat but it does not bring any "support" other then its hangar for its own fighter and med bay for its own crew. The hammerhead is a offensive gunship aimed for bringing aid against smaller fighters, there is no real Repair/Med or shielding ship for combat in this game yet except the vulcan and arguably the cutlass red if it will have a use in a fleet that is. Therefore I want to see a dedicated combat support ship like the vulcan but larger in size in the future and it needs to extinguish itself from the other ships like crucibel and the endeavor (even though its a research ship it has variants within support). I wouldnt bring a crucibel to a fleet battle as it clearly states its not ment for such, its ment as a repair station controlled by players out in the universe. Its not a fleet support ship like the vulcan and neither is the endeavor really.
  6. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    I knew I would have one of "these" kinds of comments sooner or later, I know very well what SC is about. I think you missunderstood my comparison quite clearly Neither am I moving anywhere good sir ^^
  7. Foxzer Jaxzon

    New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    I agree with both of you its similiar to the hammerheads support role and I just want more support ships, id like one not so offensively focused while still being used for combat (So not the clunky Endeavor who will be pregnant from all talis torps coming her way). Something in the pure sense of a support, like think of the classic support in most games like mmos, mobas, even EVE online, its that slightly tanky or defensive role with buffs or heals for everyone in the team. It trades its damage for making the team stronger and aiding the wounds while still being able to take a punch before it gets aid from the team in dire situations ty for reading really appreciate it guys! warms my heart
  8. So I posted an idea for a new defense corvette class on starcitizen forum as I would love to see a more dedicated support ship military style, in the size of a polaris or carrack. Polaris = Offensive military corvette Carrack = Exploration capital ship Guardian = Defensive/Support military corvette (new idea) please give feedback, here is the link my fellow imps https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/guardian-class-new-ship-idea
  9. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    That and one floor what I can see is only 1 floor plus the cargo/modular bay right under it. but its supposed to be 3 floors if you count the modules if you look at their video from anvil anniversary. And you are right Gremlich Still that 25m or so walk to the turret with nothing else around it feels abit wasted space, I would settle for a small little room hidden on the side for weapons or something so the turret crew can arm themselves incase of being boarded while on their post which is probably 60-70 meters away from the nearest gun or armour. Another cool thing to add maybe as a module (although that would remove the whole purpose of the Pisces) is that under the engine room there could be a docking bay for a Terrapin sized ship to hook on and dock, maybe that could prevent the carrack from being able to do long jumps while docked, so it would have to be used only for cargo transport or smaller operations maybe. Amazing paint skill v.2 incoming:
  10. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Showing some other interior maps of larger sized ships so show you what I mean by the carrack using less space then normaly designed in ships. Basically, this blue ring is the real carrack space, the rest it engineering and ulitiy stations.
  11. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Very interesting discussion thats been going on since the sneak peak around November/Dec Sadly Dec and Jan monthly report had no details on the carrack after 3.0 release, I was hoping now when 3.0 was out the team would have more time to go back to their posts and speed up some progress on the carrack and reclaimer (Patience I know). About the Pisces being the only ship for the carrack (Whatever Ben truly ment or if it was true what he said I dunno), but I can imagine since its a specialy designed ship for the carrack (that is awesome in itself) that it will probably (not certain) be the only ship for the carracks docking bay. Also I do not believe that Pisces will be able to go into small jump holes like the 85X can, I read somewhere that they didnt want the carrack to claim the entire exploration area only for itself (not those exact words), as there wouldnt be a need for a Terrapin or Constellation or any other exploration ship of smaller sizes if the carrack could explore every single hole by itself using either the ship or its snub ship combined. Yes I know it says dedicated explorer and its the final goal for all exploreres to reach aside from maybe Polaris, but the carrack is designed for deep space exploration, in a way that only the carrack can using its special tech to find and navigate through deep space jump holes. Taking the trade of maybe being able to explore local closer smaller jump holes in safe space. Therefore I dont think they want the Carrack to have the option to carry a lets say Terrapin in its docking bay or a 85X but limiting it to the Pisces that will be used for transport, planet roundabout and possibly fighting. Its really expensive (Owns an LTI version myself) but that shouldnt mean it should outclass any other smaller explorer at what they do, the carrack has a specific use that only it can do, it shouldnt become an omnivore among exploration ships. Also about that fan posted interior VIP pic, I hope they will utilize more space as it looks just way to small and tight for a ship of its size, I was hoping it would be abit more then just long corridors with a few rooms for workingstations that is just large enough for its use, take a look at the engine room as an example that huge power plant is 3-4 times bigger then the room inside the circle. Other then the ships crew quarters and module spaces it looks right now like its just gonna be a long catwalk with nothing more then slim corridors, even the docking bay has two corridors leading around it with no real use, wasted space if u ask me or just space that they dont want to add in fear of the Carrack rivaling other large ships in terms of interior space possibility (Looking at you Origin 600/890 Jump), who definently will be packed with tons of rooms (obviously its supposed to) still want abit more space to be used here. Behold my crappy Paint skills just wanted to highlight the areas I was talking about with red and blue colours. (Even if its rough fan based info, that I hope is wrong)
  12. Foxzer Jaxzon

    The journey Begins :)

    You will have a great time here, the teamspeak is a great way to meet new friends and ask questions about starcitizen. Welcome aboard *Edit* Get a taste of what u would really want to do in starcitizen by visiting our 3 main division threads under "Professions" and what ship you want to get depending on how/what u want to play
  13. Foxzer Jaxzon

    TJ checking in!

    Id wait with oculus rift if I were u, until they fix the damm latency problems on v1 and v2. the new 800 nvidia series will be out in a couple of months so id wait until then before getting a new rig
  14. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Letter from the Chairman: $48 Million

    Duth'rakar un juk ahmar, gon mehi riven'alarha? :PpPpPppppp
  15. Foxzer Jaxzon

    Deep Space Exploration?

    315p is an exellent explorer, but alone it might not get that far out in space, it needs fuel. But if the carrack has some kind of docking function in its repair bay that means u could have your main crew (expedition) aboard the carrack and use it to enter deeper space. while still being able to explore the asteriod belts and planetsides with your extremly fast and manoeuvrable 315p. The Connie has a small ship that could be used for this "the Merlin" although the merlin is a fighter rather than an explorer and wont get as far as an 315p, its still a good asset to the connie for exploration.