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  1. Witchdoctr has posted this on the RSI Forums, it may help those of you who are having troubles with slow or stalling downloads. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/138546/direct-download-from-rsi-link
  2. I've read that it has something to do with the space helmet? @Razorwind
  3. Damn you and your fast internet speeds SO JEALOUS
  4. @Sirius The most I've seen on my connection is around 1.1MB/ps, that is on copper cable and not fibre..
  5. Any tips to increase download speed? I'm only getting 160KB/ps, it's painful.
  6. @Rellim Nothin' like those raid weekends back in Vanilla eh, I played a mage so I normally spent my mornings making food...
  7. May as well post my whole system; Mobo - ASUS P8Z77-V Pro CPU - Intel i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz Ram - G.Skill 4GB DDR3 x2 GFX - Sapphire 280x Vapor-X x2 (XFire) SFX - ASUS Xonar Essence STX Monitor - ASUS VE276Q x2 HDD/SSD - 2TB Ext HDD, 2x1TB Int. HDD, 2x120gb Corsair SSD, 1x128gb Samsung SSD, 1x64gb Sandisk SSD, 1x300gb WD Raptor. PSU - 1350w Thermaltake Toughpower Silver Ed. Case - Antec Darkfleet 35 Peripherals - Logitech G19 KB, Logitech G500 Mouse, Logitech 5.1 Surround, Samson C01U Mic (PS01 pop-filter), Audio Technica M50x I think that is it, currently..
  8. @Boildown Damn, you're pimpin son! I need to upgrade my mobo/cpu, I'm using a i5-3570K on a Z77-V Pro
  9. @Nord Yeah, I'll probably stick with the second 770 that way I can go SLI straight away, when I find another job and put some cash aside I can upgrade later down the track. @daHawk I only have that lag when I open up the hangar for the first time, the light flickers and what not I think are actually part of the hangar atm (either that or I need a 120hz screen) @ Not wrong! Those scores are great! I'm only running 8gb of ram atm, so I'll probably grab another 8gb when I pick up my new card. The 780s will be out of my price range until I find a job I think. I'm jealous though! @TitanEntity Lol yeah, Zyzz was alright, shame he claimed natty though when he wasn't :/
  10. @Nord Too expensive for me at the moment, selling my cards, old PSUs, and old university textbooks I'd be able to afford 1 lol.
  11. If the latest news is anything to go by I'm guessing Wednesday at the latest. But, things can change, shit can hit the ceiling etc.
  12. @Minted Not a Zyzz fan by any chance? The GTX 770 is amazing, my first one could run 2x24 27in LED LCD screens AND my 46in Sony Bravia via HDMI. Loved it.. These 2x 280x can only manage 2 screens, even with xfire. @TitanEntity If Dxtory is anything to go by my video recording of the hangar on 'Very High' settings is between 50 and 60 fps. Also, these cards came out of an old mining rig so naturally I replaced my GTX 770 hoping to get a performance increase but the issues aren't worth it. I'm using an Intel CPU. @Jozi Sweet!, does it run SC Hangar okay?
  13. Hiya folks, I recently took out my [EVGA GTX 770 SC 4GB] from my main rig and replaced it with a couple of [sapphire 280X Vapor-X] graphics cards I had laying about. The performance upgrade is great (because I'm running xfire) but the technical issues are less than great. It seems I always have trouble using ATI/AMD hardware. This time around it was; BSOD No RMB menu on desktop Xfire automatically disabling and reverting back to 2x seperate cards Won't support more than 2 screens Firefox randomly seizes up Shockwave closes after drivers 'close and recover' I'm selling my cards and buying a second GTX 770. What are you folks running at the moment? Anybody here using Titan Z? I envy you..
  14. Could've been an error with the upload, 17s isn't really much for a trailer..
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