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  1. CR mentioned this explicitly in 10 4 the C yesterday. Cap ship C&C will integrate sensor data from remote ships, allowing enhanced scans at distance or in radar shadowed areas like asteroid fields. Cap ships are sounding even more exciting...
  2. Yeah, in JP they mentioned that it ground up wreckage both organic and mechanical to serve as raw material for the construction of new Vanduul war machines. Nasty stuff, but it does look great!
  3. Yeah, it won't have a stock one anymore. Upgrade insurance should be relatively cheap though, and a jump drive is probably one of the components you'll want to just buy once and insure.
  4. CR has said that you'll be able to jump into NPC slots on your friends' ships, but if you want to play as your character you may need to actually be there. This seems ideal anyway (less risk of your char's death, your friend can pay you instead of the NPC, etc). If your friend doesn't have NPCs on his ship it may be another story...
  5. Well, that was really only for an Idris. That and the Scythe are the only things they released in limited numbers. There were no limits on anything else. I picked up a Xi'an Khartu-al and plenty of people here got Merchantmen. If they offer LTI on the Carrack when it comes out I am almost definitely melting my Connie on it. As to cash, it is unclear that CIG really needs any more money right now. They have built up a lot of infrastructure in the last few months so hopefully content can begin to pour out. As investorts, we are mainly concerning ourselves with product rather than process. I doubt that any backers really know where the 50k they raised yesterday went, and most of us lack the business expertise to really care. I agree with @Zhane - I think the fact that we are creating community content for the game, through forum posts or news or radio or whatever is probably helping them more at this point than continued monetary investment. Increasing exposure and number of backers is better than slightly increasing contribution per backer.
  6. So, this is pure speculation, but as an OB who has seen promises and sales come and go, I can say this with some certainty: The new ships will come out as 1-day/weekend sales with LTI! So if you really want LTI or are just looking for that next new thing - wait just a little longer! Also, the Constellation/Freelancer/Starlancer variants are yet to be released, and those are independent of LTI, so that's another good thing to wait on. Of course, given that you can melt anything at any time, if you really can't wait, I would say just get an Avenger to check it out in the hangar
  7. I think information running ties in extremely closely with the recon aspect of the game in general. Specifically I mean combat recon. It is one thing to scout a system and say 'I see 2 Idrii, 5 Hornets, and a Constellation'. It is another entirely to return back detailed sensor scans that show armament, shields, positional information, etc. The bandwidth difference is huge. Tie this directly into C&C with the Hornet Tracker or a command ship, and suddenly you have won half the battle. (Thanks GI Joe!) Killing a scout would be kind of useless without this, as the pilot can communicate the base info on TS. In the situation above, even EMP wiping that same ship before it bounces system could be critical.
  8. Or for those who can't watch video at work Thanks!
  9. Update to the update: Chelsea just told me you can still order until the 15th! And $@#%, I am apparently a high admiral now
  10. @Dekkarius - it's mostly what's in the core that matters. As heavier elements get formed through fusion, they will tend to migrate inward, and the lighter elements will move out. So the core could be mostly elements up to iron. The star will eventually have nothing left to burn and won't sustain the fusion reaction any more. A star massive enough to burn elements up to iron would probably collapse and go nova at that point, then it's on to a black hole.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Nice post The second question would seem rather straightforward, discussing just the mass necessary for stellar ignition. That is probably assuming a pure hydrogen star though, and not taking into account the hydrocarbon composition of the banana. You would lose a lot of energy from radiation by the (relatively) high-Z carbon that would otherwise go to sustaining the heating of the hydrogen. This isn't a trivial problem - just ask the folks at the National Ignition Facility. Mixing of the hydrocarbon outer ablator layer of the capsule into the DT fuel greatly degrades the efficiency of the nuclear reaction. Of course hotter stars do end up burning all the light elements up to carbon and beyond (stopping at around iron or nickel, when fission starts to become more efficient than fusion), so there is clearly a temperature that this would become possible. That mostly means a higher density and pressure due to a greater mass of bananas than would otherwise be needed. I'll leave finding the temperature peak of the cross-section for C-H plasma fusion as an exercise to the reader, since I should really get back to work Once this is found, however, it should be pretty straightforward to calculate the pressure/density necessary to reach this temperature, and hence the mass and number of 150g bananas.
  12. I am a big fan of the Razer mice, personally. I have a 12-button Naga MMO mouse and it is pretty awesome for a lot of games.
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