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  1. Tirpitz

    Aurora LN

    I really like my LN too to be honest! I usually use the stock rockets and 4 Bulldog Repeaters (I think the cheapest ones) The M3A lasers did disappoint me to a bit :/
  2. For me it seems that they are close to release 2.0 (atleast it sounded like they are)
  3. @Zarian well I rewarded myself with a Starfarer and swapped my redeemer with a MM in the sale if those ships would be also ok? Merchantman could bring great profit!
  4. @Zarian you are welcome just tell me the ship and the position you wanna get
  5. nice to hear! can't wait for my new Gladi :3
  6. As a Fleetguard member I would be proud to offer my services as an Escort. Just pay what you want (for example to cover the operational costs of fuel etc), the main payment for me will be the fun and just do something together with Org. comrades
  7. I would lend out my LTI Ships if needed Also looking for awsome crew mates for my Cutlass, Freelancer Dur, Conni and also a buddy for my Gladiator as a gunner
  8. Melted my Redeemer for a Merchantman as it had the same price ~30 meter marine carrier or 100 Meter trade cruiser? Trade Cruiser Hell yes!
  9. -Redeemer melted for Merchantman -Gladiator -Starfarer Thats it for me.
  10. goodbye redeemer, hello merchantman <3 A bit ridicoulous that the Redeemer costs the same as a Merchantman....
  11. uhhhhm I really think about melting my Redeemer for a Starfarer/Caterpillar or Retaliator, as they are less expensive or just a bit more expensive should I ? :x :/
  12. Tirpitz

    Freelancer DUR?

    also upgraded mine to the DUR, maybe in the PU I change it to the military variant. DUR looks much better for me then the normal Freelancer
  13. Yes the Xi'an ship ( I would say an frigate or destroyer) in this chart was the one I ment above Just wondering if we will see also Xi'an carriers/cruisers/corvettes/etc and their Banu counterparts
  14. always wondering which ships those 4 black ones in the lower right corner represent...maybe the Panther carrier or UEE cruiser?
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