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  1. I have never seen Creative Assembly water down any of their Total War games. So I doubt they will start now.
  2. It will definitely come true.
  3. My current comp is... CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 445 RAM: 8 GB GPU: MSI Radeon HD7770 I'm wondering if I will be able to handle it on low. I think I may be able to if I upgrade my CPU.
  4. And then realized that I will have no money to do this But here is what I wanted to do: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kNY5 Sadly, I will probably have to get something half as good... What is everyone else planning to play SC on?
  5. Or tell her that you are going to name a star system after her
  6. I usually love to go through the story in a game, and then the PvP. However, this game sounds like the story will be integrated somewhat into the PvP and multiplayer. So, I am really interested to see how it works and will probably end up doing the single-player portion first before exploring the universe.
  7. There should be a switch on the back of the neck (like on C-3PO)... oh wait, she isn't a protocol droid...
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. Welcome! I also have been more of a "casual gamer" for the past several years. It's been a long time since I've been a part of a clan/guild... See ya in the future!
  10. I guess what I'm wondering is... will my character's name be floating above my name? I know we will be able to switch ships, but I want the ability to keep my identity specific to my ship.
  11. I posted this idea on the RSI forum as well, but I was wondering what the thoughts of this community were. http://www.robertssp...identification/ How is in-game player identification going to work? It would be interesting to have to ability to mask your identity while flying certain ships (perhaps a ship ‘hack’ that is “illegal” according to the government setup in-game, which hides your identity). So, if I wanted to go assassinate someone I could do it without ruining my reputation as a good citizen. Or if I wanted to be Batman, I could be the wealthiest player in the game who appears to just mine rocks all day and sell stuff, but at night I go out in my unmarked ship and take out pirates. Bounties could be on players who have unknown identities, with only a description. With the whole citizenship thing, it sounds like around Earth you may only be fully trusted if you have citizenship. So, in the same way, if you are anonymous near Earth, you would be treated as a hostile and taken out. And if you are a pirate and go anonymous and get caught, then maybe your identity is now known, and any citizenship you have is revoked. If I’m going under the name Deibu, and I don’t want pirates to know who I am when I’m killing them, then I’d much rather mask my characters identity while pirate hunting. That way I won’t have a ton of pirates stalking me all the time. Now if they knew me by my ship and its skin, I would not care, because I can have multiple ships. What are all your thoughts on this?
  12. Deibu

    Ship AI

    Someone kind of mentioned this in a forum topic on the RSI site, but I would really love to see an integration of a Siri/Google Now type AI in your ship/on your character, that we can talk to and have it do stuff for us (kinda like R2D2, eh?). Imagine getting shot and your sensors are damaged, then you ask your AI to try and figure it out and it runs diagnostic for you and tells you what's wrong. Or you want to know the selling price of X item across the universe to make the most money. What do you guys think about this idea?
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