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  1. Wow!! IMPERIUM WELCOMES ALL NEW RECRUITS!!! We are so huge, it is very awesome, I look forward to seeing all of you in verse. I alos look forward to seeing what our numbers look like in game it will be MIND BLOWING im sure. I can't wait to fly with my squad and ALL of you and kick some Vanduul asses!!
  2. Looking forward to another gift for the CIG team from Imperium... I hope we can come up with some kick a** original stuff
  3. I have this game and have been playing through the campaign but i would really like to learn how to kick ass in Free Play. Anyone any good at free play?
  4. I wish I had the money for some of the bigger ships like the Idiris
  5. This is very comprehensive(40+ pages), Thank you it is very helpful.
  6. I cant wait to start purchasing more ships I think my final setup will be Connie, 325a, Hornet Ghost or SuperHornet. I am trying to also save to build the Ultimate Star Citizen gaming rig closer to release. looking to drop maybe $2500+ on building this beast rig.
  7. Please also do not forget to VOTE for all things Sataball on the link above as well.
  8. I REALLY REALLY am looking forward to see Sataball in action in the verse. Sataball is set to be a fast-paced, action- packed game; full of hard- hits and tons of excitement. it even looks as though they may set it up so you can choose being a Sataball player as sort of a sub-profession that you can choose to play through and probably master and what not.
  9. the Gryphons where already created by RSI so had to incorporate them.
  10. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/13365-Lore-Builder-Issue-Four-Sataball If you go to this link and in the top section written by Star Citizen's Admins is a mention of my contribution to the great sport of Sataball. That's right citizen's of the Imperium i actually created a comprehensive team roster for Sataball and it looks as though a lot of the teams I suggested will be getting in-game or at least in the Sataball Lore. WOOT WOOT!! (EXCERPT- from actual link) TEAMS DarkRen420 posted a great list of teams. I swapped the names of the divisions and pulled some names from other posts for the teams, but this can at least get the ball rolling: Sataball Professional League (SBPL)Imperial League: (IL) Earth(Sol) Gladiators Croshaw Jumpers Vega Harlequins Stanton Knights Ferron Lancers Centauri Centurions Rhetor Raiders Idris Air Hawks Elysium Elementals Davien Novas Territorial League: (TL) Terra Gryphons Kilian Killers Ellis Racers Magnus Dominators Goss Bucs Nemo Crashers Fora Flames Cathcart Gangsters Kiel Guardians Baker Custlers
  11. i voted for the 325a, Cutlass and Connie, I am thinking more and more though that I will use my Connie for most BH-ing and sometimes my 325a for solo BH-ing.
  12. Welcome and glad to see another Colorado member in the Fleet.
  13. I have been playing Eve Online for 6 years and I would love to be part of the Imperium. Please review the application I have submitted and thank you for the opportunity.
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