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  1. Happy that Organizations are live on RSI

  2. @Wu Jen I agree. this game is awesome. The only problem is there is no way for us to play together (as far as I know). I could be wrong about that. If there is a way to group together, than yeah, this game or BSG: Dispora should definitely be looked at
  3. I have to totally agree with you there. 'Age of Wushu' is a perfect example of a game that has not been dumbed down. The whole game is a deep endeavor, not just the end-game content. It's under the radar, but it is very heavily skill based.
  4. My F7C-M Super Hornet = I.S.S. Harbinger My MISC Freelancer = I.S.S. Gryphon My Origin Jumpworks 325A = I.S.S. Scion
  5. Interesting article. I am literally amazed at all the half-measured doubt Chris and this game receives on a daily basis. These same people that raise their eyebrows and scratch their heads at the crowd funding and each subsequent stretch goal being met are the same people that go out and pre-order collector's editions of console games (and some PC games. Titan Fall comes to mind). To me, that is the same thing. Most news articles are of the "...is it scam or isn't it..." flavor, but every once in a while an article comes out that actually takes an objective approach to what Chris and his merry band of brothers at CIG are doing. If you want to read an article about Star Citizen that doesn't take cheap shots at it in every paragragh, check this one out: http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/11/03/stick-and-rudder-what-if-star-citizen-fails/. Massively actually has a few good write-ups about the game is you feel so inclined.
  6. Actually - I NEVER said/wrote a question as to Why all the hate for Comic Sans. Weylyn Cadwell wrote that. What I said/wrote was that the hate amuses me. I really don't care why other people hate it. I just find it slightly humorous that something as minuscule as a font-type could generate so much rage. I'm going to use the K.I.S.S. acronym here because I'm running out of ways to say this - In the confines of "what's allowed", I'm going to do what I like and I like the comic-sans font type, therefore I will be using the comic-sans font type. I read it just fine. So do some other people I know. In fact - I don't know anyone who gets a headache from one font-type versus another. I called around to people I know and asked. After the immediate laughter to my question died down and then after an "are you serious?" question to me, I got a resounding NO from everyone . Now that just may mean I know more than one type of person. I think your "headache" stems more from my desire to use comic-sans than it does from actually reading comic-sans. You seem to have read it "well enough" to respond to me, but I digress. Other than comic-sans being cancer inducing, no matter what you write, how many times you write it, or how many url links there are of someone ATTEMPTING to explain why we really shouldn't be using it (still LMAO at that), guess what? I'm still going to use the font I want to use. I don't agree with ANYTHING you said or that the article said concerning what comic-sans was really intended for. Seriously? I don't know what you aren't understanding. I don't want to rain on your parade but you didn't present facts, you presented an opinion shared by a lot of people (mostly geek/nerd internet bullies and some M.I.T. scientist). My point is even given that you might have presented some facts about where the font originated from (ummm... OK), that's not going to make me stop using it. How about you work more on accepting different people types and less on trying to "fix" people's thinking. That's really all I have to say about the font type I choose to use. We'll just have to agree to disagree and move on. In the spirit of the forum rule of "staying on topic", I won't be responding to anymore posts about my use of the Comic-sans font. Have a great day and I'll see you in the Verse.
  7. I here you. How about sending it to one specific developer as a question? That way, they may even bring it up on the weekly Wingman's Hangar. I've seen a lot of good ideas sent in as questions that way. The only thing is I don't know exactly where the Q&A specifically for the Wingman's Hangar "forum feedback" segment is located. Wherever you go on the net, there's going to be a level of troll/flamer & crowd-mentality hate for anything you do/say/write. Case-in-point - Weyoun's over indulgence in trying to get me to see the error of my ways in the use of the comic-sans font. It is what it is. I realize that statement is just as annoying as the trolls themselves but its true. Contrary to popular belief, there are different-minded people in the world. Not everyone thinks the same exact way about things. Now there are a few small pockets of people who; even though they disagree; can disagree tactfully and respectfully. For some odd reason, some people seem to think that if not every person agree's with their way of thinking, then they are just wrong. Carry this over to the artistic community (video games/movies/books/internet blogs, etc) and it just multiplies exponentially. Concerning the artistic community specifically - everything is relative. Having said that, I personally can disagree with someone without making them feel like there is something wrong with them, or telling them they are wrong for thinking differently than I do. Unfortunately, not everyone is that mature. And it's not always the young crowd that are internet bullies. internet bullies come in all genders, age groups, & ethnic backgrounds. Believe it or not - the largest Internet Bully group is the geek/nerd group. You forget to cross a "t" in your comment and these guys will let you know about it. And then if you don't respond to their post quick enough with a "thank you", they'll then post an article with url links to pages that explain why crossing every "t" in a forum post is not only necessary, but crucial to our existence on this planet. See the geek/nerd group ranges from the common household geek like me who's just "into" Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Computer Tech, etc all the way up to the M.I.T. graduate geek/nerd who thinks it's their sole responsibility to "fix" people's thinking when said thinking doesn't fit into their narrow view of the way they WANT things to work. These are the people giving you grief about your mining idea. If I were you, I'd shake it off and keep submitting it until the right person sees it. The people who have a problem with it are going to keep having a problem with it. That's never going to change unfortunately.
  8. I don't know. And yeah - it's a font for crying out loud. LMAO. When I see memes, gifs and such about not using comic sans, I think to myself....WOW... just wow.
  9. Because I like Comic Sans. Key phrase there being "I like".
  10. That's too bad because it sounds solid enough for me. I mean I'm no scientist, but as a gamer, I know what I want to see, do & play in a game. I lean more towards Epic Sci-Fi than I do towards Hard Science Fiction. I'm more Babylon 5 & Star Wars than I am Star Trek & 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a game setting, I'm less concerned about what I'm doing being a real scientific possibility one day and more concerned about it being fun, cool looking, and having a "bad ass" thrill quota . I don't care that a parsec is a unit of distance and not a unit of time. I wouldn't have taken the idea down though. It's messed up that some people can't just discuss an idea anymore. The constant complaining but never coming up with an alternate solution gets on my nerves too. What you could do is send those types of ideas to the devs themselves instead of the general forums.
  11. ​Yeah, I'm ecstatic over them not going with any big publisher. I probably would have gotten the game, but I doubt that I would have backed it financially the way I have. Now don't get me wrong - I have nothing personally against the big game publishers nor Microsoft and Sony. I admit that I did pre-order an Xbox One. That was until I heard about Star Citizen and who was making it. As soon as I did; all that pre-order money switched paths and went to Chris Roberts/RSI/CIG. What I find priceless is the idea of taking that amount of money and spending it on the pre-order of a new gaming console isn't frowned upon (its actually applauded in some circles), but as soon as I spend that same amount of money instead on a PC game and PC Game developer I believe in - then I'm a fool. If you step back and look at it logically - of the three (MS, Sony, Star Citizen), Star Citizen is the ONLY one that is TRULY "next-gen". Now I guess that depends on one's definition of next-gen, but to me next-gen means so much more than just better graphics. Outside of prettier graphics, I have yet to see one game (xbox one OR PS4) that couldn't be done on the current gen consoles. To be sure, graphical enhancements are very important, but its one part of a huge equation. What Chris and the guys at CIG are doing is next-gen. Next-gen to me is innovating (putting NEW things in games that haven't been done previously) Your asteroid idea is a great example of next-gen innovation. In-atmospheric flight into outer-space and vice-verse is another example. And as I write this RSI just released this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13362-Star-Citizen-To-Include-Mantle-Support Like I said - True next-gen.
  12. I just read it, and I as I said before - that is a great way to add to immersion. That said - I totally understand that there needs to be a balance between immersion and fun, because at the end of the day, if it ain't fun (regardless of how much immersion it has) it will detract from the game. As much as I would love for Star Citizen to cater to only my hardcore sim needs, the businessman part of me "gets" that it needs to appeal to a wide slew of play styles. Your asteroid idea just nails that sentiment home. Finding ways to make the game enjoyable to more than just one set of individuals is what is going to propel this game. The idea of "...just make the game totally real and totally hard and whoever doesn't get it well the game isn't for them anyway..." (I actually here/read this line of thinking a lot on the RSI forums) A real good example of "totally immersive/but not fun" is the ArmA military shooter sim series. Those games are as real as it gets ( I should know - I was in the Army and I saw plenty of combat). Now I buy each one that comes out b/c I want/try to support PC-Only games. I just bought the newest one and I can honestly say the game is completely authentic. But it's not very fun at all. It's a chore (as real war should be) to play. And I know some hardest-of-the-hardcore PC gamers that wont touch ArmA with a ten-foot pole. My point is - if you're making something to train law enforcement or military personnel that's one thing, but if your desire is to make a VIDEO GAME ("game" being the key word here) then it can't and shouldn't be COMPLETELY realistic. I can't speak for anyone else, but I like my games to take the Marvel Studio's approach to their CBMs - Serious-But-Fun. I want to escape from "real life" when I plug-in to a game. Granted - there is no real world equivalent to the goings-on in the far-flung future that is Star Citizen but you get my point. Sorry for the long rant. Here's hoping the right person over at CIG reads (or is shown) you post.
  13. EXACTLY. Now see that is what I consider immersion. My hope is for the game to push more toward these sort of ideas. Also the ability to fly ships into and out of a planet's atmosphere has long been a wish of mine for this game.
  14. I'm basing my comparison on what I want to do more. I understand they aren't the same classes. I like both ships for different reasons and since I don't have a money-tree in my pocket, it's a "toss-up".
  15. This will definitely be my 2nd ship when it becomes available. Actually its a toss up between this and the Anvil Aerospace Gladiator.
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