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  1. I have 2 780ti's and a 1440p monitor. Some games work well with sli. Others not so much. Depends on the game. I use the sli indicator from time to time just to see how much use I am putting my cards thru and you would be very surprised even with max settings how much they are utilized. And I play games from crysis, all the batman, Star Trek, swtor, xcom, to a host of other games. Even forcing sli in nvidia using different hacks or thru the control panel the 780ti by itself is a powerful card and rarely needs the second card. Now if you want to throw ludicrous amounts of aa on a game then you w
  2. They would run out of gas. Flight 2a has a high burn rate even with max fuel conserve. Though I liked the use of the ciws 1b during the fight scene. Upgraded thermal camera and joystick for human control over the previous models which had no human control. Looks interesting though
  3. @Terodius which monitor do you have. I have 2 780ti's in sli and a 680 for physx more than enough oomph. Just trying to figure out a monitor. Kinda leaning towards either the asus 28 inch or lenovo. Both same tn panel at the end of the day
  4. so as it was stated before i need them to delay a bit. i don't think 2 days is enough time for me to fully beat watchdogs with a 100% completion for everything. i need more time. guess i don't need to work, or sleep. but dammit give me a little break
  5. and me without my main computer. damn my motherboard for failing me and damn asus for having a horrible rma process. thank god i made my wife's computer a gaming system too. its my back up when she is at work or not taking test for school.
  6. Portgrey

    EVE online

    some of us still have eve accounts or even multiple eve accounts. a few even that we dont mention since they are either hidden amongst other corps spying or some such. i myself play every so often and friends use my account. i have too many 120mil toons and dont have much left too do. i have had super caps. been there done that. been a pirate. 0.0 space. wormhole. highsec. trading. so now i train to train really.
  7. it depends on what you want. and i agree headsets are personal. i have a sound blaster card that has a unit on my desk with a directional microphone. for my cans i use beyerdynamic dt 880 600 ohm. my sound card has a high gain amp designed for 600 ohm headsets. though if you want an all in one unit do you want dolby surround? i do like my old plantronic gamecon 780. its usb so plug and play. my wife has a set of tiamet that use the analog inputs and she enjoys their sound better than my gamecon. and my roomate has a set of senheiser that he uses for FPS games
  8. i run a dell ultra 27in 1440p also with a 780ti. and i still get frame rate drop off in some games. running that many pixels still hurts from time to time. i am waiting to pick up another card to add to my water loop later in the year when the game is closer to release. along with elite dangerous. i am still debating which controller to get. right now i have none i have been looking at the rhino or save up for the warthog. i just dont know and since no stores in my area carry the damn things for me to try before hand to see if i like them i am at a loss for what to do. damn virginia
  9. with the way the big ships are growing i will need a mass transit system installed on board just to get around. the sounds of president scrooge from space balls. "if i walked the movie would be over" come to mind
  10. It's MS way of doing the same thing as mantle except over all the platforms. xbox, phone, pc and such. they are saying its closer to the gpu api and nvidia has stated they are supporting it with all the gpus from the last several generations. so they will be compete with mantle.
  11. I will wait till the 20th and see what microsoft says at the dx12 conference. But since Qualcomm is there I have a feeling it will be along a unified front and somehow mobile will be thrown in the mix and heavy pc gaming will be thrown under the bus for candy crush
  12. Before you buy a card what settings are you trying to play at and what are the other parts of your system?
  13. in the beginning it is the largest craft we can buy so it will play a big role in our fleet battles till we capture larger ships. later it will be moved more to a fleet support role. the m version with the rail cannon will help take down larger ships with the help of bombers. while the p version will be exclusive to anti fighter. and no only the huge pack will have the idris. unless you go grey market and if you do that then some of the money may not go to support the game and may line the pockets of a venture capitalist. stoff may jump in on this or one of the other FC guys but
  14. i have a dell u2711 and i love the extra space but i need a beefy video card to run it with all the extra details and aa to make the games look really nice and keep the frame rates up.
  15. well i hope that our boys pull off an amazing weapon and move on to the next round.
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