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    Anaca Freyon
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    Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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    Elite Dangerous, Gun Gale Online, Heroes & Generals, Kerbal Space Program, Skyrim, Star Citizen, World of Warships.

    Love reading Sci-fi and Fantasy novels on My Kindle.

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  1. Droool
  2. PSU died, wont be gaming for a while.

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    2. Dragon-Knight


      PSU is still in it's warranty (1 year left of a 5 years) it's just in Germany right now getting tested I'm just waiting for a replacement.



    3. Dragon-Knight


      PSU had also killed the motherboard, ended up getting a cheap £40 H81M chipset mobo as there aren't many left below €200 that can support an i7-4790k.

      Buh Bye, onboard Raid, Wifi, performance RAM settings and usb 3. But at least my PC is up again today.

    4. Dragon-Knight


      Shame I have no Raid for my SSD's, but I'm not paying £100+ extra for a different motherboard (which would be 2nd hand)

      At least, I can carry on my Server 2012 R2 MCSA course.





  3. Congratulations Stefmarster
  4. got a list of 200 million names, there are some truly bizarre names out there.

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    2. Dragon-Knight


      It's only Americans, it's a list of voters. Donald Duck is a voter LOL

    3. Rellim


      Thats trump's undercover name

    4. Dragon-Knight
  5. I always though ANYTHING bought with store credit wasn't giftable.
  6. I have 3 game codes to give away to create new EU player accounts in World of Warships, World of Tanks, And World of Tanks console.


    PM me if you want to use them

  7. Nice
  8. A little bit here, a little bit there. It's how Paypal makes over $1 Billion each year and yet its 'not' a bank. But 'holds' onto my money for a while before i can withdraw it.
  9. Can't Guarantee but I'll try.
  10. Strange, I've become a 'guest' member again. Did the older server get wiped?
  11. Coolies, I like the Banu Merchantman, even the fanart.
  12. I'm building a Porta Pi Arcade. with a 10" screen. Should be able to play GB and GBA roms if I can find my games :-)