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  1. As I regularly build PC's as part of my job on a weekly basis I find 4-cores to be very lacking. I've actually got two older identical PCs at home an i5k (4cores) and an i7k (4 cores 8 logical) each of them has the same single threaded performance. The performance of the extra 4 local cores (8 total via hyperthreading) is a huge bonus and I notice the difference running certain games and apps. That's not to say there is anything wrong with 4 cores but more the better. It's up to the game engine to take advantage. same when everyone used to hit the 32bit 4GB ram limit per application. 64bit software and modern games take a huge performance boost with extra CPU. It's up to everyone to budget what this have there is nothing wrong with a dual or quad core, it just won't perform as much as an 8, 12, 16, or 24 core processor and that's not even including dual processor systems.
  2. Hi, Dragon-Knight! Good Morning! How do I activate voice for in game Communications? I have already read the Regulations and ready a new game with my Comet. :)

    1. Dragon-Knight


      Hi Nunya,


      I'm not sure, I usually only use Teamspeak for comms.




  3. Banu Merchantman

    I recommend you still have a basic runner too, as you may end up changing your mind during release. I still have an Aurora LN as my backup.
  4. Banu Merchantman

    It's getting bigger every day. I ended up getting a Freelancer as well for those possible smaller jobs.
  5. Imperium 3.0 Game Day Details

    I was in the first wave and never noticed. I should really check my RSI emails more often
  6. Banu Merchantman

    The nose isn't split compared to the previous renditions. Sometimes its split (so there are 3 pointy bits), I'm not sure modeling has been settled on yet.
  7. Flora + Fauna + Pets in Star Citizen

    Treecats would be cool
  8. Prison Chili

    Looks fine to mee.
  9. Anime?

    Yeah watched it quite a while ago. Though that video is blocked as im, not in the USA.
  10. Anime?

    Nope only 20 eps not even a full 24 ep season, so technically i want a season 3 by your link :-D
  11. Anime?

    I wish they did a season two on KonoSuba.
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. New Imperium Website

  14. PSU died, wont be gaming for a while.

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    2. Dragon-Knight


      PSU is still in it's warranty (1 year left of a 5 years) it's just in Germany right now getting tested I'm just waiting for a replacement.



    3. Dragon-Knight


      PSU had also killed the motherboard, ended up getting a cheap £40 H81M chipset mobo as there aren't many left below €200 that can support an i7-4790k.

      Buh Bye, onboard Raid, Wifi, performance RAM settings and usb 3. But at least my PC is up again today.

    4. Dragon-Knight


      Shame I have no Raid for my SSD's, but I'm not paying £100+ extra for a different motherboard (which would be 2nd hand)

      At least, I can carry on my Server 2012 R2 MCSA course.