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  1. I want one ! Do you know if they ship to other countries ?
  2. /\ This ! And also don't forget about the Forcesaber too: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Forcesaber... as many others. So, nothing new here with this saber
  3. Seja bem vindo ! And enjoy the ride
  4. He won an Avenger ! Thanks for those who voted !
  5. I've chosen Exploration because in the beginning of the PU it will be "THE" thing. Barely nothing will be explored yet and we'll have plenty of surprises ! After sometime I plan to move towards to Trade and Industry just to raise some money, be rich, and tell some great stories about those times to my b***** lol
  6. Hey guys ! I have a friend of mine that is participating in a contest. This one: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/128700/competition-humour-the-next-hand-drawn-starship-season-2-public-vote If possible please vote for him at the option "Entry 5 - Hardyhero (TUGASAD SEBITU AAE)" Thanks !
  7. Olá pessoal ! É um prazer encontrar outros brasileiros por aqui ! Vocês também são membros da comunidade brasileira de Star Citizen ? Caso ainda não sejam, venham participar conosco ! Já até nos reunimos via Teamspeak para bater papo e fazemos algumas reuniões informais de vez em quando. Sempre há membros de diversos clans trocando ideias por lá - Fórum: http://starcitizenbrasil.enjin.com/ - Página do Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarCitizenBrasil - Site: www.starcitizenbrasil.com Abs
  8. Yeah ! And actually I'm a Civilian over there too. Congrats for the winners
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