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  1. @Chimaera Hiya Been out of it for quite a bit. Life you know. Also I need people to go first Chimaera so if I scam a buyer I agree to be kicked and banned from squadron and have my name spread as a scammer. A buyer can add you to the pm to prove that we did a trade but I didn't respond/scammed is that fine with you? Complete. Can a mod move it
  2. Please make offers 60$+ I would prefer payment in the form of a ghost to sabre upgrade and other stuff C/O: 70
  3. Som ni kanske märker råkade han skriva Introduction med K.
  4. Thanks again for the warm welcome guys I have a good feeling about this place already.
  5. Cinema 4d For the loop. I use realflow if i need fluidsimulation. I made the loop 2 years ago and I've improved quite a bit since then.
  6. Now that I read what i wrote.... *sits down to unenthusiastic applause from 14 other people*
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys . I've designed totalbiscuits streamoffline image at twitch.tv/totalbiscuit, His showcraft loop that can be seen in his sc2 videos and his twitter background. Ofcourse twitch compresses the crap out of that image, but that is 2 be expected... It's been a long time since I made a big project in graphics design and recently I've mostly been designing logo's and banners.
  8. Hi I just applied for Imperium Fleet and Im really looking forward to joining the Intelligence Corp. I'm hoping for a high ranking position as I love plans and working together with other people with big plans in mind. I'm currently have a rear admiral package since november of last year and a recently pledged Pathfinder package so that i can have a NPC crewmate. I can also help with any graphical design, 3d modeling or animation. ( I have made some stuff for Totalbiscuit so im pretty sure in my abilities.)
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