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  1. ppl at citizencon could buy 1 aswel, wich did not get listed anywhere at the shop
  2. Sabre Raven

    has not been confirmed, but i asume ya can get1 as yust with all other ships, even if its not sold in a npc store there will always be ppl selling it, but then it will cost alot
  3. Sabre Raven

    can always get1 ingame its a beatiful ship
  4. wel +1 on the pioneer got me 1 melted a banu defender and some smal ships / spacebikes and thx to @old sailor for the discount code to save me 50 loved building at eve, so hope its cool here aswel
  5. CitizenCon 2017

    wel lets hoop chris liked this new setup so it can come back at next year citcon, this was a big test to see if ppl would like it. so i do hope they got alot possitif feedback good info and enough time to chitchat with ppl and devs
  6. yust bought a load of credits thx for the trade, fast responds
  7. Ppl at event can buy1 afterwards 😎 inrly want1
  8. Origin 600 Thread

    had the touring but ended up with the explorer got a discountcode from @old sailor so went for the higher price ;o, will buy the touring module ingame stil have my carrack so wil be interesting how good the 600 wil be
  9. Origin 600 Thread

    i was hoping for some smaller vip missions on the 600 and stil asume some can be done or whats the point of the touring edition.. atleast my 890 is still good for somethingh
  10. Star Citizen Pins!

    looks nice, i would buy some
  11. Aegis Idris Frigate

    wel forme i intent to mostly use the idris for fleet stuff, ya can have abunch of npcs at the idris but still need lots of playersupport i dont expect 20+ though on the idris, yust afew in turrets, shield, engineer, tactical and mayby some npc's as gaurds also as some mentioned, ppl wil launch the ships before they go into batle unless attacked by surprise, only saving feul when parked on idris and mayby some repairs at this point we might have more idris then we can fly ;o but with timezone's and waiting for a new1 when it goes boom, thats a good thingh
  12. wel the saturday went different then i expected and no question, can try at citizencon ;o atleast we saw 2 idris fight, now we yust need a bunch more of them at the same time
  13. ok have send the question, now we yust need abit of luck although can always ask him there if posseble; o