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  1. missed the mail, but saw them buying it on twitch so looked and bought 2 white 1 will be good for ice planets ;o looks awesome
  2. they are for sale everywhere, i wont be getting 1 though atleast its a cheap toy
  3. awesome, btw new pics at random spot in list or ?
  4. wel im staying with the gladiator and its not the first time they messedup, or mayby it was yust james on my case, as after i bought a load of ships at gamescom event 2 years ago i then had the option to buy a javelin and idris-p
  5. awesome, did not buy anythingh this sale ;o mayby a golden towel ?
  6. wow so many pics i never seen before, sweet
  7. entered the 1080 1070 is not availeble in my region always worth a shot
  8. got the same problem ;o have both ships, im yust waiting on a nice new ship above 300 to ccu up too on wich1 to ccu, that depands on what ya want to use it for, star-g for dangerous area's and supporting combat devision, wich means the lti will be nice as it at more risks basic starfarer if ya gona stay around safe area anyways
  9. buying a accounts is kinda black market, and no its not safe i would recommend some of the trusted sellers on this forum with a good feedback, keep a eye on there or make a WTB post thx to the feedbacksystem here ya can trade alot safer
  10. RIP , so many famous ppl died, but also alot ppl died to wars. crappy year it has been
  11. can not download th live version it yust does not do much atall, the launcher that is
  12. wel imperium only knows the ships that members placed inside the portal. but thats only a smal part of imperium using it i asume, as alot wont get active till launch anyways and yeah until launch ppl will keep changing there ships
  13. i personly want to try and own the ship including fitting if posseble, until that hapends loaning fittings for ops, that gives me a nice ingame goal todo they are looking at a ship rental system with abit of security, had a dicusion about that with somone from concierge but thats gona be awhile before there looking into it, but they have discussed it abit alrdy around there
  14. gratz on the jav, and yeah that are failed orders