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  1. pyro nl

    mia Coming back into the swing of things!

    welcome back, yeah its good to take breaks,
  2. pyro nl

    What would you do?

    we might need the whole bluepac to get that done ;o would be cool though, nice objectife aswel will also attract all the pirates ;o
  3. pyro nl

    Want to Sell Imperium Pins

    looks nice 😎👍
  4. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    @VoA i had somethingh like that i would use it as a mobile tradingbase with a big benny restaurant to refeul the players while loading there ships so i do think its abit random with a option to remove some greymarket ppl
  5. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    +1😎 melted a couple of ships and 155 euro fresh cash melted the endeavor big pack and hammerhead
  6. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    wave 3 here, any info about price yet ? any wave 1 ppl ?
  7. pyro nl

    Sabre Raven

    got 2 now, bought 1 early for 165, and now bought 1 for 65, looks rly nice and could not resist getting another1 for that price
  8. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    idris - p 1250, idris - m 1000
  9. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    wel dunno how serious they take that story thingh, not good in that stuff but send1 anyways ;o
  10. pyro nl

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    im proberly gona ccu this to somethingh else, dunno what yet, mayby somethingh citcon releases looks nice but also got the 600, with the changes the phoenix nolonger looks interesting tome
  11. pyro nl

    Telltale games closing shop

    ooh tahts tobad, liked the walking death games
  12. pyro nl

    Drake Kraken

    i would love 1 😎, does not rly matter if it comes now or not, aslong they are interested in making 1
  13. pyro nl

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    freaking awesome when is it coming ?
  14. pyro nl

    The Orville Season 2 Trailer

    not availeble here, need to find a torrent site and give it a try