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  1. wel i decided to try the event, after that tryed the 890 jump rescue mission and blew myself up with that new launcher ;o, explosion is bigger then i expected edit: there no option somewhere to up my sub from cent to imp subscription right ?
  2. there was a black friday discount o.O i must have missed that1
  3. wel i wentup a club lvl 🤣🤑🙄 not for the skins though although i did upgrade my 325 to a cutlas
  4. pyro nl

    RSI Perseus

    wait where did ya get that from, discover preoject perseus, have not looked at star for a longtime, but that looks nice
  5. ok cool, did not pay much attention to it all, seems i need to update and have a look thx
  6. i would like to see it for sure
  7. i got 1 with storecredits, first got a error so thought i was tolate but stil got1 when clicked again stil find it wierd they have a limit on the ccu, the kraken is alrdy a ship sold as limited
  8. got 1 😎👊 the upgrade
  9. i was wrong. see post above, but its 3 pm and 9 pm, sale might start few min before
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