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  1. Argonous

    [Ship Release] Hornet's are now available.

    Well Damn, there went another good chunk of change out of the kid's college fund... But, hey, at least I got me a spiffy new F7C-M Super Hornet in my hanger!
  2. Argonous

    Planetary Bombardment

    I would imagine if something as this was implemented, it would take a MASSIVE effort to get through a planet’s defenses to get into bombing range. Then you would probably have to hit a very small, almost impossible target, probably only two meters wide. Of course I used to bullseye womp rats in my Aurora MR back home, they're not much bigger than two meters….
  3. Argonous

    Retaliator owners?

    As the father of a almost 1 year old, who's doctor bills we are STILL paying off, I have no money either, but I still ponied up for a shiney new Retaliator. Just don't tell my wife, or let her know where I hid the credit card statement...