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  1. Infinityrays

    The Ausmonauts LF Aussie/Kiwi Pilots

    Well as long as I am part of the Imperium, this sydney sider will be happy to join!
  2. Infinityrays

    Greetings from Sydney Australia!

    I wonder how many of us Sydney siders there are, and how many will be joining us all once the game is up to speed! Exciting times ahead! Thanks champ. Jesus Christ mate! Settle down hehehehe Cheers Shawn, hopefully they're treating you alright where you are now!
  3. Infinityrays

    Greetings from Sydney Australia!

    Looking forward to flying with you guys once the game is out. I don't know if there is a "Southern Cross" fleet for Aussies. That would be pretty awesome with good ping and time schedules.
  4. Infinityrays

    Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

    I too have recruited! But I'm from Australia not Austria hehehehe! See you star side!
  5. Infinityrays

    Greetings from Sydney Australia!

    Yup! It's not a bad drive actually I hope you've found some fellow ACT members!
  6. Infinityrays

    Greetings from Sydney Australia!

    Hey guys as this is my first post ever! thought I'd say hello! Looking forward to see what they do with the organisations option in SC! Any Aussies out there? If your from sydney please feel free to say hello ^^ If not say hello anyways See you star side!