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  1. Beautiful artwork, welcome to the team! Did you model those characters yourself?
  2. Good to have more people with families to mix things up. Welcome to our family as well! Don't forget to check out the Teamspeak channel, it's always a fun time.
  3. Yea there's still a very small hardcore group that plays them, but they're really old games now. We used Battlestats.com to play in tournaments and leagues and they still have a few fleets playing there. If we want to get pilots trained up, it might be good practice to get warmed up on some of the classics
  4. haha I read this thread as your joystick dying. Anyone else have a huge joystick graveyard from over the years of playing? I've worn through so many joysticks over the years, let me see if I can list all of them: -Gravis Joystick...just the original, very simple. -Logitech Wingman Warrior -MS Sidewinder w/Force Feedback (battery pack connection was terrible) -MS SIdewinder 2 - Same kind of issues, but eventually the stick didn't work right -Logitech Attack - Really flimsy and broke I remember in the first few weeks of using it -Gravis Blackhawk (worked fine but I gave it away, it was still the old 15-pin port connection) -Saitek X45 - what I have right now
  5. thanks for the warm welcome! Yep, both X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance had mutliplayer.
  6. Yep, join me up, I've already made a welcome post in the "New Arrivals" section if you want to know more about me. I saw the fleet management conversation went to a members only board as well, so it might be good to keep that going
  7. even if they don't have a clan/fleet system setup on launch day, it doesn't mean we still couldn't coordinate our squadrons and objectives. There's been plenty (if not most) space combat sims in the past that haven't had any sort of clan system setup, but we always managed to recruit and be successful as a fleet.
  8. Hi fleet, I'm iheartlazers checking in. Just saw this post on the main Star Citizen forum, thought it was a good recruiting idea. I pledged the "first responder" amount for now, but will probably upgrade soon. My space sim experience mainly comes from the X-Wing series. I spent my years with the UPA fleet playing semi professionally competitively against other fleets and squadrons. At our height, UPA had over 500 pilots, consisting of 4 Wings, each with 5 squadrons. I was commander of Wraith Squadron and it was easily my favourite gaming and online experience ever to this day. Nice to meet everyone and it would be amazing to create something special with this game and bring back that same experience we all loved in the good old days of space combat!
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