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  1. Gladius just got sold! Updated available ships list.
  2. Thanks again for all those who bought some ships. Still have lots for sale.
  3. Updated again with New sold ships. Ones still listed are available...let me know.
  4. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I need to sell some of my fleet. I figured i would give everyone here a crack at them before going elsewhere... I have for sale: - AEGIS GLADIUS-LTI STANDALONE SHIP $150 (SOLD) - LTI FREELANCER MIS STANDALONE SHIP (SOLD) - CONSTELLATION AQUILA $270 - XI'AN SCOUT - KHARTU - LTI (SOLD) - BANU MERCHANTMAN - LTI $400 (SOLD) - MISC STARFARER TANKER - LTI $300 (SOLD) - ORIGIN 350R RACER - LTI $200 - F7C-S HORNET GHOST - LTI $220 - WEEKEND WARRIOR - LTI $300 - F7A MILITARY HORNET UPGRADE $50 (SOLD) - RSI AURORA - LTI $75 (SOLD) - AEGIS DYNAMICS RETALIATOR HEAVY BOMBER - LTI (SOLD) - AEGIS DYNAMICS AVENGER - LTI $150 (ON HOLD) - RSI AURORA - LTI $75 (SOLD) OR best offer for all of the above...not looking to hold out forever need the cash sooner than later so make me an offer... If you are interested in any of the above pm me and we can figure out the details. Much appreciated. I can link you to my ebay profile where I have a 100% seller rating as well as give you fellow Imperium members who have bought something from me previously. Thanks again for stoping in to look. Respectfully, Proteus
  5. Thanks for the welcome and its a really great group of people so far!
  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the verse and kicking some space pirate/alien buttocks! Cant wait for the dogfight module soon and the big 10/10 super extravaganza that CIG is hosting shortly...gotta pick up a few more ships
  7. Thanks again for the welcome...did all the steps to become a full fledged member...cant wait to be an active participant!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to being an active member of star citizen and the Imperium!
  9. Thanks! Its a pleasure to be here and am really lookin forward to the game and being a part of the Imperium!
  10. Hey, Names Proteus...pleasure to meet you all. I was looking on the RSI forums for possible guilds to join and I thought this was a good fit, so I applied and here I am... I have a Rear Admiral pledge, plus a host of other ships and continue to get more as things are released. I have many years of game design/development experience. I also have multiple years of MMO experience. Was a huge fan of Privateer and Wing Commander series, super excited about the SQ42 and Star Citizen! Also a military combat vet. Primarily looking forward to being a bounty hunter/military just stomping on pirates at any turn. Also looking forward to exploring and maybe taking a bit of wares for here to there... So in short nice to meet you and see you in the 'verse... Proteus
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