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  1. this is amazing, oh the drama. Cant wait till the lawsuits around this get started, cant imagine this kind of shady shit being too uncommon btw.
  2. Walking down to one of clients homes a few months ago. Also: Suddenly, a giraffe
  3. @VoA where is the Merchantman in that? He just reads the question which mentions the BMM and talks about another new ship instead of the Merchantman. Gesendet von meinem A0001 mit Tapatalk
  4. Hudute

    UEE in Kenya

    Just saw this on one of the buses when doing a stop in Nakuru, SC is going truly global now (even though the driver thought it was a symbol of the US) https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3x8ovs/star_citizen_has_truly_gone_global/
  5. damn, I hoped for a showing in Nairobi. Have to say that they are fueling the hype very well.
  6. Hi! Want to sell my Starliner Genesis for USD580, have some trade history over on reddit if you want to check, links are below. Verified paypal only, middleman upon Buyers request. Buyer pays any fees. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/28joi1/wts_banu_merchantman_lti_420_paypal/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/2f6nmp/wts_constellation_phoenix_upgrade_160/ EDIT: Done. Taking this ad down.
  7. yeah, 12th of August. when are you leaving?
  8. I am leaving Germany for Kenya for a year long trip on the 12th, doing a year of volunteer service in a humanitarian/development context, so not really an expert but Im sure that exchanging what we learned so far would be a great idea
  9. Hudute

    Windows 10 Upgrade

    It doesnt work for me, wonder what my mistake is (no errors displayed and the tool says my PC is compatible with Windows 10) EDIT: Second version via the windows provided tool works like a charm, guess its just bad luck.
  10. well I got one, just because I think there is potential in it as a ship for a pretty interesting style of gameplay that might be a little more relaxing, maybe even a bit casual. Oh and I think it has the potential of getting high prices on the grey market, not saying it will, but it might.
  11. Hudute

    FIFA 16

    I think it wil be more along the lines of bribing simulator 2016, with a major DLC titled "International Corruption", sold seperatly.
  12. Man I really hope we get to see it in the next few months! I hate the lack of information regarding it.
  13. Just got a new code for this via email, it can be used in tomorrows event only as it seems, same deal as last time, first to message me gets it, only got 1 code this time tho.
  14. those stats do look nice, too bad youre a traitor tp the republic.
  15. same here ;D All that money burned tho...
  16. That page has never prooved to be a source you can really trust, they dont really keep it up to date. I would suggest waiting at least until friday when the MM is supposed to get a ship spotlight and make the comparrison then
  17. Hudute

    This War of Mine

    turns out it is indeed out on PC and now available on steam with very positive reviews! Seems to what I hoped for, a mature look on war. Here is the steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282070/ Buying it right now
  18. Wave 1and 2 are not really defined but generally speaking wave 1 ships are the ones featured in the inital kickstarter campaign (example: hornet), wave 2 is what came after that with 2x million stretchgoals (example: Banu Merchantman), wave three is what we voted on earlier this year (example: Hull C, Herald) and wave four are the ships that were unlocked in the most recent stretch goals, hope that helps a bit
  19. i agree that this might not be something that most of the players will want to do but such a niche ship does make sense as it just adds to the realistic feel to have some ships that are specifically designed for certain roles. That would at least be much more realistic than only having Luxus Liners (890 or Phoenix) and modified Freelancers etc as ships for public transportation, but that are just my 0,02 UEC
  20. and now they even promise us preorders via amazon.de , not sure if I should wait for that.
  21. but they also did Borderlands, so I am confident that they are able to not fuck up completly (I hope, please dont, Gearbox).
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