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  1. I'm back! (After quite a hard year)

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    2. Schatten


      welcome back! : )

    3. Chimaera


      Welcome back m8. PM me if you want some updates. :)



      Welcome Back..:) Want some cookies?

  2. Apologies if I'm inactive, lots of big things happening, I should be able to keep my diplomacy duties, probably not posting and being on TS

    1. Hudute


      no worries mate, RL always comes first! Hope everything goes well!

  3. Looks quite good In my opinion.
  4. I'd have to say turn-fighting would depend on your ship, for example, a ship like the M50 could turn faster than any ship in the game. Otherwise, I'd have to agree with the rest.
  5. Can't do much atm, had some more PC complications over the last few days.
  6. Shame, but again, at-least it's not that long,
  7. The Imperium; The Control; The Empire

    1. Zepheris


      The fun, the drama, the friendship.

    2. Aleaf


      the better weapons, no thermal vents, no $%# jedi

  8. Lurking on the Forum Until DF comes out, Don't expect me to post much

  9. Preventing War between 2 Major Organizations
  10. It's more of my personal ideology, rather than a strict moral, the way she said, I personally redeem as aggressive. A comparison is an employee does something to make a 4-year old throw a "tantrum" in a store, just doing his work, but takes the last toy, per say, he was told to restock the isle with something else, and the 4 year old starts crying. The mother demands an apology and to give the toy to the child. The employee would be CIG, and The Mother and 4-year-old would be the said banned female gamer. If anyone needs more context before they bash CIG : https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/2421310/#Comment_2421310
  11. Again, stated as before, he shouldn't have banned her, but, the "demanding an apology" part lost my support for her.
  12. Lurking on The Base for now, nothing much to talk about for Star Citizen until DF comes out.

  13. It's possible, but the best thing would be what Nightside said, lowering your heat signature, painting your ship black, or maybe adding a invisibility force field.
  14. The Max. Crew for the Bengal is well past 150 people, even though we'd probably only have 20-50 on the ship, the rest would be hired AI.
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