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  1. I'm getting pretty awestruck by the amount of money they've raised...I think it's a self-propagating thing really; because they've raised so much money so far it's a done deal and people know the game will be made awesomely so they're still willing to invest because it's already raised so much money etc. I doubt any other crowdfunded game will get this much funding again ever...seems like the type of thing to happen very rarely, and only possible because of the right combination of fresh interest in a small genre with only a few players as well as a legendary game design name, early hype and private investment. Either way with all this money raising, Cloud Imperium definitely has its plate full for the next few years worth of updates, I would expect. These are probably things they would have started to add once the game was released anyway and making money.
  2. What I find really great is how the characters actors usually play are so different to their own personalities; I mean, look at the difference between Joffrey and his actor. That guy is awesome.
  3. Yeah, Vini doesn't actually mean anything in latin . But awesome to see more brits invading Imperium nonetheless so welcome xD
  4. A foolish man fears no one. A wise man fears all.

  5. Welcome to Star Citizen base! It's great to have you here =).
  6. I'm a bit sceptical about the way CIG has been handling Alpha and Beta really. Obviously I understand that they want to retain the moniker of early access, but they have sold it as a widely accessible pledge, which somewhat defeats the point. Initially that kind of thing was reserved for dedicated volunteers who would be in game to iron out any bugs, not what we have today. Surely it would be more appropriate to suggest that what is actually happening is more just putting access to the core product in pay walled stages? I don't think the fact that the game isn't finished really counts either, because lets face it, with all the funding goals reached, SC is going to be releasing new content into the game well into the foreseeable future.
  7. That is the most awesome logo I think I've ever seen. Although I'm not Russian, I thought I had to write a comment just on account of that. Good luck with your recruitment drive!
  8. You'll be glad if you never find out why I chose my moniker.....*evil laughter* (it may have sounded pretty cool at the time)
  9. If there weren't so many stereotypes, I would be able to appreciate anime a bit more. For me nowadays though, it's all about the manga, and more recently, webtoons, which I recommend you check out ^^.
  10. I think I found god in there somewhere >.>
  11. Truly we must be one of if not the largest fleet currently assembled. I can't wait to see what all this manpower looks like in game XD
  12. I don't know if this counts as RP, but does using "Fearsome" as an alias count? =P It's gender neutral too.
  13. My weekends are consistently full of good old British Anarchy.
  14. I recently learned how to make bad jokes about the elevator business. It has its ups and downs after all.
  15. They're already 20% towards the $26 million mark, and it's only been a day or two since they hit the last one...just how long will this go on? It's either going to make or break the game really. People are either going to be disappointed by the reality after the massive hype for it or it will live up to its funding. Let's hope the latter is true.
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