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    Hello All

    Welcome aboard
  3. Cyberion

    Hi All!!! Just joined Imperium.

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  4. Cyberion

    Best Score (Vanduul Swarm)?

    Wave 12 , 300i standard gun using KB + mouse
  5. Cyberion

    Tips/help for Arena Commander controls.

    Had you try to set mouse sensitivity to 0 in game setting when you jump inside AC? But dont forget to set in normal again in hangar mode otherwise you cant move around with your mouse...
  6. Cyberion

    Cortana Ready for duty

    Welcome aboard
  7. Cyberion

    Lantern, Boots strapped and helmet polished!

    Welcome aboard
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    Welcome aboard
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    Space noob reporting for duty!

    Welcome aboard
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    Hello from Brittany

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    Hello all!

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    Why hello there ;)

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    Introducing Dex

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