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  1. Raisinthehouse

    Face to the Name

    bringing the ethnic
  2. Raisinthehouse

    Your style

    seems like thats a fair estimate katten
  3. Raisinthehouse

    So, Hornet vs Cutlass

    I'm putting my money on the Cutlass.
  4. Raisinthehouse

    Marine Weapons. . .

    I would like to see shotguns for close quarter ships. Followed by assault rifles.
  5. Raisinthehouse

    Vallas checking in

  6. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    Now that sir looks amazing. The first row looks great.
  7. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    My favorite one. I agree with Gallitan. I think it looks alot sleeker without the base.
  8. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    Well Well done.
  9. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    This is my favorite as well. Especially the black and white one. It fits with the empire theme so well.
  10. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    Wow Lozenger. They just keep getting better and better. The last one you just made is now my favorite.
  11. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    I actually had red in mind. If you could make a design incorporating red it would be great to see. But so far I like your second concept the best.
  12. Raisinthehouse

    Fleet Logo Contest

    Loving the designs Lozenger
  13. Raisinthehouse

    Exploring for rare equipment.

    Yeah i'm definitely going to have a ship dedicated to exploration. Speed+Stealth