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  1. Is your processor overclocked? Code 124 is a pretty common code at least on Intel CPU's when the voltage dips on a slightly unstable CPU. This could also cause IRQL less than equal issues as well if your CPU is indeed unstable. Although as others mentioned, your IRQL issue and THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE error could be attributed to bad GPU drivers or an old installation. Typically AMD and Nvidia drivers don't play well together so if you switched from one to the other without completely removing all traces of the old drivers you could run into those kinds of issues.
  2. These cameras are fundamentally different. The D700 is more of an entry enthusiast/semi-pro full frame camera and the D1 MKIII appears to be a sports body. I'm not super familiar with these particular models however my D810 had better dynamic range than the comparable Cannons when I got it but realistically at this level the image quality is going to not be the best way to choose as most full frame cameras will have very good quality. Things that set them apart are the number of focus points, high ISO performance and frames per second. The questions you have to ask here are: What do you want to shoot? The D1 MKIII without looking too far into it seems to be a wildlife/sports/motorsports type camera, it has the vertical grip, 10 FPS high ISO capabilities. Do you already have lenses for Nikon or Cannon? If you have money in lenses then there's no point in switching because realistically your lenses cost more than the body.
  3. I thought you couldn't un-melt the 890.
  4. 20-30 FPS is pretty normal. It seems that the render thread is being blocked by the network thread right now. Since they're having issues with server performance when under heavy load either by many users or just a server that's been running for a while you're going to not get very good performance on your end. Easy way to check is load into your hangar or a drone sim instance and watch your FPS skyrocket. If it doesn't then your machine probably doesn't have what it takes.
  5. I really hope that's the way it works but I'm just not banking on it after seeing what happened with the Endeavor.
  6. I would not count on being able to put as many ships as possible inside the Idris. From all the footage of the Idris-M there appears to be 3 parking spots on the flight deck which suggests that we'll be limited to operating with 3 fighters or we'll be unable to QD/Jump if the deck is "overloaded" much like the Endeavour must jettison any extra ships from the hangar. Nothing is known for sure at this point other than the flight deck is huge but it's probably going to only service 3 ships.
  7. Yeah the only ship I've ever had power problems with is the M50. Slap a better shield and weapons on it and you'll notice that they recharge much slower. Probably worse now but I can't swap any components since 1.3 dropped.
  8. Pretty sure the power plant nerfs that they put in 1.3 were to stop people from mono-boating mass drivers.
  9. Just re-copy your account over it will override the items in your hangar.
  10. uBlock origin is probably what he meant, it uses less ram than Adblock Plus ever did for me.
  11. Looks like caching to me. Modern OS's are better with memory than the dinosaurs of the past, reserving resources for processes that commonly run or are running so that there's no hiccups when it's actually needed. Linux, Unix and OS X also can compress the ram that's been idle for a while to free up some space so you can actually over-commit without taking the performance hit that you previously would when using a page file or virtual memory. That one screenshot shows over 6 GB of your ram is being used for caching. One other thing is that often times GPU's will reserve some system ram, both the Intel iGPU or your discrete card but I'm unsure if that shows in the task manager.
  12. #246888 I believe this batch goes by people who play AC though and I tend to get on 3-4 times a week.
  13. Got my invite 50 minutes ago but it's already bed time...
  14. Running it on my macbook and my laptop, waiting to do it on my main rig until I figure out if I want to do an upgrade or fresh install. I liked the developer preview and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing.
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