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  1. Please find hereunder the location to the Snake Pit racetrack, this is the first racetrack found by the community and validated by the CIG's devs. The validation leads to the setup of dedicated infrastructure to support the race. To find the place go to Clio, moon of Microtech in Stanton. From there, jump on Rayari McGrath Research Outpost. The racetrack is located 10.5km from the outpost, on a heading 293° from the outpost BACK TO INDEX
  2. Please find here under instructions to find the eastern lack race track at New Babbage First get to Microtech, then jump to New Babbage. From there, land at the common ground entrance and get your racing vehicule. The race track is located East to the metro loop and consist in a simple turn around the 3 small Islands. BACK TO INDEX
  3. macgivre

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    If it is a 3 shifts organization that mean 80/3 = 25 crews in cruise mode and maybe the full 80 crew only in battle mode.
  4. Hello, as I said on the spectrum you are more than welcome to join us to expand our mapping operations. The high res map is reserved to our members that are organizing events to help them prepare efficiently their operations
  5. We have to diferentiate celerity and speed : Celerity is the movement per unit of time of an object without weight in the vacuum Speed is the movement per unit of time of an object with a definite weight (and does not take the hypothesis to be in the vacuum) The light itself cannot damage a ship, you need to carry a lot of energy or better : particles with a definite weight that carry energy following the famous E=mc2 (energy = mass * celerity of the object upped to square). Thus the amount of energy sufficient to melt a ship structure need to be carried by some weight / particules ... thus requiring in turn energy to be emitted from your blaster / lasers ... That is why the speed of your pellets is not infinite nor the same as celerity of light : you need energy to accelerate your small mass to the speed able to melt the ship structure : That means that the more mass you sent the lower speed you need. As the canon is supposed to send more mass, it require a smaller speed to send the same amount of energy. Also don't forget the Archimedes theoreme : if a mass exit your ship, your ship will suffer an opposite acceleration equal to the energy (mass*celerity²) that just left your ship : so the more energy you send out the more you decelerate your ship That is an IRL / In game explaination to stay with the role play and immersion. A more down to earth is the gameplay experience : if all ships would be equiped with raigun with infinite speed) may be not as fun as expected by the designers ... and thus balanced in terms of gameplay. (if some things don't makes sense don't hesitate to ask for further details, I'm writing this with 2g of alcohol in the blood ^^)
  6. Here is a view of the projected size of Star Citizen universe : Stanton is on the right side, between Terra Nexus and Sol Nexus
  7. Ok so no big deal : If your ship is stored on your station you should see "retrieve" If you do this operation you should retrieve your ship with all stored items inside. If your ship is not directly available on the station you should see "reclaim" or "claim" If you do this operation, your claim your ship as lost and ask your insurance to supply you a fresh new ship from factory, thus, this ship will be totally empty of any personnal stuff, all the stored assets in the previous ship are lost (including cargo or mining modules). To be noted that if you set custom ships weapons or system (quantum drive, shield, power generator ...) the new ship supplied to you will be equiped with all thoses customizations. I hope that this make the things a little bit more clear
  8. So this is important : you stored the ship at station A : Did you retrieve the ship from station A or another station ? Di you "retrieve" your ship or "reclaim" it ?
  9. Hello and welcome, there will be a mining event this weekend, feel free to join to see if the ambiance fits what you are looking for
  10. Bonjour et bienvenue ! Sorry for the late answer we have been busy busy with a string of events lately I was more of a trader in Freelancer but we should find a lot of common philosophy inside StarCitizen : The freelancer ship is a direct tribute to the game as it is the perfect starting ship to trade If you are more into exploration and using your ship as your home in the farsest regions you will be delighted by the Carrack A very old poll on star citizen community showed that 30% of the player base was looking for exploration gameplay .... so we see now a strong focus on points of interests and hidden secrets .... if it is what you are looking for you won't be disapointed 😃 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/12753-Poll-Who-Will-You-Be A later poll showed that this value increased to 70% of the player base : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/profession-poll Si tu as d'autres questions ou que tu cherches un collègue pour tes premières sessions n'hésites pas !
  11. Hello, please find hereunder a small topic to synthethise the informations available on the Service beacons - Combat Assistance missions. Those missions can be found in the general tab, under the "service beacons" category. Those missions have a respawn rate similar to the one of bounty hunters, but they seems to be available near any space station and planet (bounty hunter missions can only be found around Hurston and Crusader). There are 4 levels of difficulty known as of now : Combat Assistance - LOW THREAT (4000 - 9000 aUEC Reward) (Complete 8 time this mission to get higher tier available) Combat Assistance - MODERATE THREAT (15000 - 25000 aUEC Reward) (Complete 2 time this mission to get higher tier available) Combat Assistance - HIGH THREAT (45000 - 95000 aUEC Reward) Combat Assistance - CRITICAL THREAT (333 000 aUEC Reward) The huge difference is due to the type of ship that can very in the same level of difficulty : a High threat level can either confront you to 2 Valkyrie and 1 Constellation, or 2 Valkyrie and 1 Hammerhead ... 4 things to know : You can have only 1 such mission accepted at a time, accepting a seconde mission will withdraw the first one You have a 5mn timer to go on site, past that timer the mission will be withdrew You may have neutral individual joining the fight on your sight, so be carefull. At the Critical level of difficulty you face an Idriss with an active railgun : you need to take the agro of the Idriss to avoid a railgun shot on your VIP to protect (its a static Hammerhead)
  12. Do you play solo or in group ? Actually all of your statement seems related to solo playing and (very) bad luck. Are you interested in a particular kind of gameplay (mining, trading, bounty hunting, exploring ... ? ) I mean transporting package is not a real hobby (unless you are a drug dealer ^^)
  13. Yes it is highly probable that unknown caves are still to be found. For the keshler cave I would not take this path as the guy on the teasing has no prisoner outfit and it may prove tricky to keep an outsider outfit by passing through keshler ^^ With good luminosity caves can be spotted from 10km altitude ... but its still a needle in a ball of hay
  14. Hello, actually Imperium have some players in South East Asia, so you may find some buddy on your time zone here Do you have any favorite gameplay ? Or Maybe a beloved ship you want to fly on any occasion ?
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