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    As the spec will evolve, the actual difference is in the philosophy of use : The Carrack is an exploration ship intended to go somewhere, survey the area, then go back to a firendly outpost to rearm and refuel for another mission. The Odyssey is an expedition ship, intended to be away indefinitely with its fuell refining capacity So by that I would anticipate that Odyssey may be a little bit less efficient in scanning capacity, (and I don't think it is fitted with a cartography deck). But it may a little bit more efficient as a relic gatherer. It may also be a killer ship as a commando transport.
  2. Hey super nice event, I will try to attend to the first races, Unfortunately I will need to wake up early next morning so I will leave early in the night ^^
  3. 35-40 FPS is pretty good on Star citizen : are you getting this value inside a big city or in the emptiness of space ?
  4. Yeah, so it is just an upgraded Misc Starfarer
  5. You should go for an upgrade. But maybee your mate only wants you to get him on tour abord a nice ship ... so upgrade to a 600i or 890 jump and offer him the grand tour of the system in first class
  6. +1 for Morse, Liberator may need a light crew, but in order to fly safely you will need your fighters to cover you... So that means that your fighters cannot be deployed at the benefit of others ships, they will be stuck with you to assure your escort. We may see the traditionnal size expansion during the production of this ship, but the actual intentions of the designers seems to keep it as a simple support role as we can't see any radar system on the pictures : it is not designed as a C² ship able to take command of a task force. So basically, this ship is mainly conceived as a flying backpack for others ships. For the record, during WW2 an escort carrier, was a former Cruiser converted with a flatop, its fighter wing was between 16 and 30 aircrafts. Its main role was to launch patrol aircrafts around a convoy to detect and engage submarines and long range naval bombers. So here with half a dozen fighters, it may seems a little bit weak, but it all come down to the number of fighters you want to cover your operation : For a small mining OPS half a dozen fighter may be enough But as we saw in the theorycrafting excercise, this ship can also be used as a flying gas station for a small fleet of fighters (like a dozen of Vanguards) : you are not limited to the size of your landing pads. Suffice to say that your light fighters will refuel in turns. Now imagine an industrial operation, you do not want to involve costly ships, so you may be interested by posting 1 or 2 liberators around your Orion or refining ship ... Your fighters will have 2 refuelling platform for the whole duration of the industrial operation.
  7. The Homeworld series of games should definitively be a source of inspiration These are my favourite ships so far
  8. Here is a synthesis of all the ships on the roadmap for the 2 Vehicule Content team (EU / US): I do not take into consideration concept ships that will come down the road. We see that we have 7 undisclosed ships that will go directly in engine before being introduced. One of them is the Origin 400i My bet is that it is represented by the slot 3 of EU ship team : The reasons of this educated guess are the following : We can see that medium sized ships take roughly a 30 weeks elongation, that left us with only 2 slot having a comparable duration. The second element is that we saw leaks early during the year, the most probable hypothesis is that the 400i was being worked on since the begining of the year. The only corresponding slot is the slot 3 of EU ship team. So that leave us with 5 small slots of around 15 weeks and a slot of 26 weeks. The big slot of 26 weeks is intended to be ready for the November ... that means that they are aiming for the aniversary sale with a big seller, regarding star citizen leaks, I would go for the Argo RAFT that would be the refinery ship. The 5 small slots may be splitted between old ships refitted to gold standard and some ground vehicules. We can see that on those 5 small slots there are 3 (EU 2, US 1 and US 2) intended to be ready by November. For the European team I have absolutely no clues ... maybee the variant of the Argo mining MPUV ? For the US team, if we look at the parallelization of tasks we see that the sub-team on the Ares is intended to move on the Drake Corsair, and another sub-team is dedicated to the Vulture. So that leaves us with the sub-team that worked on the tank empty handed ... I would put a cent on 1 groudn vehicule and a variant for the slots US 1 and US 2
  9. Yeah this edition was pretty much about showcasing the work of this year, we had very few hints at the big steps to come (SQ 42, 4.0, ....)
  10. Looking at the stat page of the ship matrix, it seems that the amount of fuel (both Quantum and Hydrogen) will be twice as of the starfarer ...
  11. If they announce a release date for squadron 42 ... finish the bottle and bring in a 6 pack of vodka bottles ^^
  12. Farewell, I hope to see you again in the verse when, things had gone better
  13. I see a multitude of subject there : You can divide your possessions in two categories : 1) Artifacts, to show off, they can be located in a remote, sanctuarized, location (hangar flair, trophies, your favorite outfit, ...) 2) Your assets (Ships, armor, weapons, supplies, cargo ... ) I think that your starting location will be your sanctuary, where you retire to rest between 2 working shifts Regarding your assets I would break them down in 2 subcategories : 2a) Having your assets near you (Ammunitition, workhorse ship, ...) 2b)Prepositionning assets for specific activities (preparing spare retaliators at Microtech for Xenothreat, prospectors at CRU-L1 for mining ... ) To keep your assets near your main area of operation, I would suggest to get a big ship and use it as a mobile storage unit : you land your C2 Hercules loaded with a hundred of thousand of ammo clips, food, water ... maybee a spare ship ... So that would only left the home location as a prepositionning point for all your spare ships. As of now, I think that all landing zones have specialties (Crusader for mining, Hurston for Bounty Hunting, Micro tech for Touring, and Arcorp to melt your GPU). So under this light, for 3.15, I would rather choose Hurston as I am more focused on Bounty Hunting at the moment. But in the long term, If i was given the choice to choose a location to setup my hangar, I would choose an High Sec area with a nice vista (like Microtech, or Arccorp) knowing that I will be able to invest in other real estate (aka colonial outpost) in our main area of operation
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