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  1. I don't have a Starfarer so I wouldn't know
  2. I said in the Universe in the OP. So I started off in Olisar grabbed a ship flew around, landed on the security station, floated around the zero-G station all with that framerate range depending on where I was.
  3. CAD price was $3875 less a couple dollars before tax for the unit by itself. Also, while looking into the hardware, honestly, the individual hardware cost was roughly the same so I'm not certain I lost money here or "paid for the name" as some suggested. @Tom Villder that MSi sounds like a legit deal man. I'm considering making a laptop thread in the hardware section along the lines of this OP with everyone who has a laptop running SC listing model, specs and framerate (update the frames as CIG optimizes the game) so that people can have a reference to look into and concrete proof th
  4. Not sure if anyone here was interested in knowing or even cared to know that the ASUS G752 series is pretty beastly and the top-end model is running Star Citizen very well in its current state. If anyone was like me and felt that a gaming laptop would prove more convenient, but didn't know how it would handle Star Citizen, well here's your answer. I got the G752VY-DH78K model and ran the Universe ranging between 24-40 FPS on Max settings. Now I know that's not the greatest FPS range ever, but that's excellent for Max settings. I'll list the specs and details here: ASUS G752
  5. I was planning on building a Quad GPU machine, plus the 900D supports up to 15 Hard Drives among other things. It's good to have enough power for the amount of Hardware I can fit in the case.
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell some of my PC hardware. I was planning on a build and now I'm a broke student and won't see this build through for a pretty long while at this point so the parts are actually all 100% unused and brand-new. 2 are still fully sealed, and the other 2 I opened the box to have a look and then never opened them again lol. I'm not shipping the parts, so the furthest I'll go is Ontario, Canada to sell these as I'll be meeting personally and exchanging cash for the items. Doing it old-school. Obviously this means the prices are free of shipping costs too, which is a b
  7. Lol we can be Imperium's legal representation against the IAG. We'll have our own lawyers like the mob lmao
  8. There's a bit more to it than that, as any other HR member in this fleet knows, sometimes you have strange and interesting complaints
  9. I'm actually really interested in the IAG myself... As a 1st year law student fluent in French and English and as a Conflict Resolution HR rep for Imperium I am not going to lie that I would love to apply as soon as they open that up and release more details on what the job entails.
  10. I have 41 images from Star Citizen cycling every couple seconds on my desktop background
  11. Sure. I think the biggest problem the series has is the fact that there are many characters and storylines and only 10 hours time per season so you really have to think about what you are showing and imo they didn't do a great job with that last season. Most of the time I saw storylines that didn't appeal to me that much while I was waiting for my favorite characters to get more screen time. Of course this is purely my personal view. Also I'm the opinion that they went a little over the top with the sex and violence aspects in the show. Don't get me wrong, I grew up with horror and splatter mo
  12. Am very interested in a good squad-based tactical shooter. This looks friggin great, I just don't trust Ubisoft enough to pre-order after Ghost Recon Future Soldier's incredibly shitty port, but I will wait and grab this as soon as the reviews roll in and it checks out as playable on PC.
  13. The Emergency Services calltaker in me is going "wtf? No Lifejackets?"
  14. If it's for the whole tournament then it makes sense. Keep in mind that Argentina hasn't even tied a game this entire WC. This is their first and only loss.
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