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  1. Hey boss (GE), I do not think my msgs are sending over to you. Can you confirm if you have received anything? Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!
  2. I PM'd you a link. Let me know if that is still useful. If so, I will update it for current mechanics and make it public. Id not, I will just trash it and start a new one.
  3. Any idea if the tactics laid out in the old NOMADS will work with current game mechanics? I was reading your posts and screenshots about the 2.2 patch, and it makes me think portions of everyone's old ideas will still work. I will get stated on updating the old doc next week probably.
  4. Roger that. Will be DLing 2.4 tonight (will probably take all night), so I will try to try my hand at AC or something over the weekend. I am assuming this is the repository of info here?
  5. Hey all. Long time no talk to everyone! Came back after about 2 years of being gone because not a lot was happening over at CIG. Was thinking about it the other day, and dusted off my RSI and SCB credentials to poke around a bit. Holy crap! The new SCB is amazing! I love what people have been doing with the Portal! So question... is the Explo division doing anything much in-game yet? I know the PU is still a ways away, but I am curious to see if any of the theorycrafting I laid out in the original NOMADs whitepaper holds true. Speaking of... any other player-created docs about exploring pop up? I'd love to read them. Also, is there any meetings on TS or something for Explo guys that I should be aware of coming up? Feels good to post here again, lol. Cheers all, look forward to talking with everyone!
  6. For some reason, even though I normally don't collect pets in games... this seems oddly exciting. Weird.
  7. New goal Just Announced: Facial Capture to import real faces into the game. Kinda "Meh" in my opinion. I certainly;y don;t want my ugly mug on my toon, lol https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13284-Letter-From-The-Chairman-20-Million
  8. I actually liked the industry system in EVE (literally 100's of blueprints and 1,000's of mats). I'm hoping it will be about as complex in SC. Bonobo and I are flying together in my Lancer, and he's really excited to try the salvage mechanic. Here's something I was thinking about though... I recall one of the Wingman's hanger episodes saying something about the Vanduul scythe may not be able to mount empire equipment.... will this mean that the Lancer will/wont be about to mount alien equipment? I it could, that would be rad.
  9. So here's a question, especially for some of the combat guys,..... What if the Salvage Mechanic could also somehow be a SABOTEUR mechanic!?! How cool would THAT be?
  10. When used in the context of an item or ship in game, it also means "Over-Powered." A running joke in MMOs is that when someone with a high-level of skill using an over-powered item posts about something, people reply to the post: "The OP is OP" (The Original Poster is Over-Powered"
  11. Coming from an exploration guy, and the fact that we have no real combat data whatsoever, this post prolly means f-all, but..... Consider the 2 primary gimbal turrets and the rear gunner turret ostensibly mean the lancer carries 1 more weapon without considering the 2 missile hardpoints on the lancer, than the 325a, we have to assume the 325a stock will be superior in maneuverability (if not raw firepower) than the lancer. That being said... with upgraded maneuvering thrusters, full weapons, and a RL person at the rear turret... would the 325a be able to slay a lancer? I wonder... (just me up to late and musing.....) Khan
  12. Hey All, gonna cross post from another thread I posted in.... {Hey all, after reading this, I thought I would mention a few things. As an old EVE vet, yeah, something like dotlan seems nice, but keep in mind in EVE has MUCH MUCH different mechanics than what I've read that SC will have. In EVE you have a 3D space centered around any object in space, called a "Grid" that extends a finite distance in all directions from any celestial object. As an object moves through space, the Grid follows it, and interactions happen when 2 or more grids meet. This is a simplified version of how EVE mechanics work. From what I've read, SC will have a STATIC space (system, area, whatever) that ALL objects in said area are in and interact. This is very different because the interaction space is STATIC and doesn't move, unlike EVE. This means we have to think about cartography in a "real" sense in SC (AGAIN - I'm interpreting what I've read, so I may be wrong). For instance in EVE if you go in a straight line between 2 celestial objects (plant and stargate), you travel FOREVER until your "Grid" bumps into another "Grid." This can be a static "Grid" (Starbase, planet, etc) or a dynamic "Grid" (another ship). If there are no Grids to bump into, you go on FOREVER. In SC, we can actually explore fixed a finite area of space, meaning there are set coordinates in a given 3D area.I will find the RSI forums posts regarding this and edit later. EDIT: (Posting Spporting Evidence as I find It) https://forums.rober...scussion/40186/ So we will have to pick a system, Block it out in 3D, and each pick a block and start scanning, from what I gather. We may have to have dedicated cartographers to map the blocks. Until I post the RSI links that I read, if someone can correct me interpretations, please do. Khan} This is something we should be aware of. We can't just map a system location, we are gonna have to divide all systems into MUCH smaller 3D blocks and map/scan each block.
  13. ^^^^^LOL, yep, that's the usual reaction. But honestly, the name means nothing. Just my old EVE name. So looks like I found a home, to say the truth. I like the organization and level of detail. Gonna mosey on over to Exploration section and try to awkwardly make friends, lol. Look forward to flying with you all.
  14. Rgr, thanks for clearing this up. 'Alliance' and 'Corp' are EVE terms, my only lexicon for MMO's lol. I guess I am most interested then in how the 'Divisions' work within the structure, and I guess how 'Squadrons(??? - looking for appropriate term)' work within divisions. I will hop on TS later today and try to say hi. Khan
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