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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. HEX TCG

    Nope, never heard of Gwent. As I try to play f2p, it's better to focus on few games! Btw, the second part of the adventure is very nice, and even without paying it's possible to have fun in PvE and get some gold to buy PvP cards, so ... come, guys, come!!!
  3. HEX TCG

    Hey guys, I'm a player too... Kjhasd it's my ingame nick, and I'm looking forward for guild and raid games, as I prefere PVE (for decent PVP you must 1. furious grind for gold 2. pay!) If you want to speak about deck or something else, meet me on HEX! PS: for old gamers... now it's bug-free and they introduced 2 maps for PVE, very interesting indeed!
  4. LTI finished

    Well, I agree in many things, for example "biggest the ship, better the lifetime". And I also agree with the importance of the insurance: the best thing, instead of selling all ships with LTI, is to obligate (like in real life) pilots to buy an insurance before flying, but maybe it involves too much work on the insurance system.
  5. LTI finished

    Well done, now let's wait for the next update. Btw, with insurance we are only talking, but if there aren't specific istruction by RSI... I guess it's not so simple to replicate the actual premium risk insurance system.
  6. LTI finished

    Interesting... I hope only they will not be sold out in few mins!
  7. LTI finished

    Well no, I'm not a VB, I pledged in july this year. so I don't have LTI only few months. Wonder if it's possible to buy it ingame.
  8. LTI finished

    Eh no, I'm not a veteran, guess I pledged too late. Let's hope it's not so difficult, or I'll explore only with big friends covering me!
  9. LTI finished

    So, LTI is finished I think, as I can't find any upgrade available. Huff, must keep my 3 months insurance and hope nothing will happen after that!
  10. Hum, you say that only because you don't know my level of english! ...if writing is poor, speaking is terrific! (hum, maybe not speaking, but listening for sure)
  11. gifting

    Well, I can complain instead. 'cause I buy a pledge and I get 4 months insurance, instead if you gift as veteran backer someone else (same money, same pledge) he'll get lifetime insurance. So what, it's like the law, it's not equal for everyone!
  12. Ah, I read too late all this LTI stories. In fact, with my pledge I have only a 4 months insurance, and a guy told me that if I gift him, he sells the pledge for refund, gift me with the same pledge and I'll get lifetime insurance. Sounds good, but I don't know this guy outside an italian forum, so... I'm still thinking!
  13. Newbie

    Thanks Commander!
  14. Newbie

    Yes you can say that, 'cause even Sweden is better than Italy! I've been in Malmo many years ago... well, I'll never forget the places and the... ehm, party with very nice people! ...me and my friends agree that, if Italy has 3 VERY nice girls every 10, in Sweden they are 7-8!!
  15. Newbie

    Eheh!!! Nice one, but you should see mine now; as yours, the avatar photo is the original one, now I've changed some things and it's better and better! Change the front mirrors first of all!!!