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  1. Not impressed with this Cutlass Steal nor the Q&A. Effectively they charge $235 for a Cutlass Black that was given a few S1 doorguns and a small remote turret where the Black will get its tractorbeam turret; then they crammed in 18 seats which reduced the cargo capacity to 0. Sounds to me like a minimal effort ship just so they could sell people on Jumptown2.0. It's the same level of 'effort' that they showed with the ROC-DumbSeat (which was originally a discarded design), or the Cyclone-MT (which was just a TR with 4 S3 missiles; thus making the more expensive AA obsolete). Heck, it has the exact same components too with only 1 S2 shield so that thing is going to pop instantly. CIG could have take this opportunity to give each Cutlass variant 2xS2 shields at the very least and could have reduced the number of dropseats on this Cutlass Steal to 10 and a small cargo grid. CIG was in such a hurry that they didn't even bother to check if the dropseats would fit as they are also clipping into the fire extinguisher and people have said that it's very hard to actually get the gun out of the gunrack next to each seat. So yeah... The most egregious thing was the price though as this thing should have been sold at $120 max imo; not $235. That's just corporate greed imo. I thought Drake was making cheap no-frills ships so why this insane price? To me this was just a last-ditch minimal effort cash-grab at the 11th hour. You'd be better off with 3 regular Cutlass Blacks as each already has 6 seats in the back and then also have vehicles onboard for ground support and/or cargo to actually carry the drugs out. This Cutlass Steal has 0SCU so can't even get at the cargo. Personally I'd rather come in with a Redeemer. It may only have 4 jumpseats (and 4 additional marines could secure themselves in the beds if needs be) but at least it has massive shields, massive firepower, and 2SCU worth of cargo capacity to get the drugs to the authorities at Port Olisar.
  2. Only reason I can think of as to why the C2 isn't sold in the store is that it's technically not a military/militia style dropship and perhaps because you can purchase it ingame with aUEC. By looking at the ships CIG is selling in the store with this whole "Prepare for Jumptown" nonsense it's 4 dropships and some military support ships. The C2 is neither as its primary purpose is civilian cargo and vehicle transport.
  3. Yeah, if CIG had simply saved that Banu knife as the main gift for Day 12 I can guarantee that practically everyone would be happy. That's how advent calendars usually work where they give you the coolest thing last. Now they gave the coolest thing on Day 10, suddenly handed out another Caterpillar skin on Day 11 (which was awkward but okay), yet on the final day of the advent calendar they give us ... a picture. And it wasn't even clear that it was just a picture at first; until you clicked "More Info" and saw the word "Reveal" with a clickable link that opens the source image. That was a pretty big let-down. EDIT: Oh, it seems that CIG apparently realized their mistake and changed it to "Reveal-Wallpaper" now... 😒 Now I wasn't expecting them to give it out for free but if they had; then it would have garnered massive goodwill from the community. Now a lot of people are complaining that it's just a stupid picture when the vehicle itself isn't even released and instead we get some overpriced Cutlass Black with a few more guns on it for $235. So whoever was responsible for this clearly doesn't know how an advent calendar is supposed to work. Heck, they could have given out an "IceBreak" skin for this upcoming vehicle or maybe even a discount ticket so you would get $5 off or something. But just showing the reveal when they could have just put it in the email that went out today felt rather stupid. Meanwhile CIG thinks that everybody is now going to buy that overpriced Cutlass Steal or something when it brings nothing to the table and is just a massive deathtrap due to its minimal shielding and zero cargo capacity. That thing should have been $120 at most. Heck, for the same price you could get 2 Cutlass Blacks with money to spare. That's already 12 people in jumpseats plus 4 crew. Give each of them a railgun, put some vehicles in the cargohold, and go to town.
  4. Yeah, I got my hopes up as well for a second... but then I realized this is CIG we're talking about and they wouldn't give a ~$50 vehicle away for free unless it's a Bonus Referral event that gives them at least $40. It is rather peculiar though that they gave us sneakpeek handlebars and this reveal image as 'gifts' though as they could have put these in a newsletter instead. Personally I would have actually preferred getting a festive Pico and/or space-whale plushie with Christmas lights around its body. Ah well, at least they gave us some skins, a sweater, and a cool knife. Maybe one day CIG will sell us actual appartments so I can put that knife on display on a table somewhere.
  5. Unfortunately it looks like it's just the reveal image; and not the actual bike. Would love for it to be actually free but I fear that all we will get is the picture. I did get my hopes up for a second though... Sadly all it says is "Reveal" with a link that opens the image. So if we want to actually obtain this 'gift' we will likely have to shell out 50 bucks for it. Those greedy Banu.
  6. Luminalia is almost over so if you haven't already be sure to pick up (some of) these gifts or lose out forever.
  7. Sounds like you either ran into a bug or you pulled the power triangle away from your weapon. Energy weapons like the one on the ION recharge their capacitor automatically from the powerplant; but only if power is allocated. Normally your ship has the power triangle at 33% Weapons, 33% Shields, 33% Thrusters. If you move everything into Weapons then your weapon capacitor recharges a lot faster but your shields and boost will not recharge at all. Putting everything in Shields would cause your shields to recharge much faster (when not getting hit) but your Weapons and Boost level would not recharge at all. So if you want a balanced setup, it is best to keep things at 33-33-33. If you rarely if ever use Boost (Afterburner) then you could decide to pull the triangle to something like 45-45-10. So in short always make sure that your power triangle has power going to your weapons. If that is fine then you may want to check your components and see if you gun is powered on or not as there may be a chance that it was powered off by accident. Hope this helps!
  8. Luminalia is here and every day you can get a small present by going to the link below CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS 🌟LUMINALIA 2951🌟 Twelve Days of Gifts Count down the days until Luminalia with us. Starting this Saturday, December 11th, visit this section of the Luminalia Comm-Link and click on the link below to receive a small gift every day until Luminalia arrives on December 22nd. We've got more freebies than ever before this year, so be sure to check back here on this page daily. Every day during the Luminalia event you can get a new gift. In total there will be 12 gifts that you can claim by putting them in your cart and checking them out for free. Apparently the gifts remain available so if you missed the first few days you can still get them as long as the event is up. Luminalia Day 1 - Festive Sweater Luminalia Day 2 - Spectrum Badge Luminalia Day 3 - Festive Wallpaper Luminalia Day 4 - Special "IceBreak" Mustang Paint Luminalia Day 5 - Special "Deck the Hull" Caterpillar Paint Luminalia Day 6 - Sneak-peek image of the upcoming gravlev vehicle Luminalia Day 7 - Special "IceBreak" Aurora Paint Luminalia Day 8 - Alternate Spectrum Badge Luminalia Day 9 - Railen Wallpaper Luminalia Day 10 - Enjakte (Banu) Knife Luminalia Day 11 - Special "IceBreak" Caterpillar Paint Luminalia Day 12 - Reveal wallpaper of the upcoming Consolidated Outland gravlev bike So be sure to check every day and claim the free goodies. Most of them are just minor things but some of them are pretty cool. I personally like that sweater very much especially because it was designed by NAIIMA who was the winner of last year's "Design A Luminalia Sweater Contest".
  9. As my fellow orgmates have stated, Star Citizen likes to hoard any and all available RAM. Oftentimes I see it easily using 18GB+ of my available 32GB. So increasing your RAM from 16GB to 32GB should see some massive improvements. Additionally if you don't already have Star Citizen installed on an SSD then that is definitely a requirement as an HDD simply won't be able to keep up with the constant streaming of assets. I still remember going from HDD to SSD back in the day and it was a massive improvement. Then I went from SSD to M.2 SSD and I also noticed additional benefits; likely due to the higher transfer rates of a M.2 drive vs a regular 2.5" SSD. Hope this helps!
  10. Not sure if all ships with a hangar can refuel the ship inside but I do remember CIG specifically stating this for the Carrack, Polaris, and Liberator. Not sure about other ships but I assume it will be similar. The Idris for example was built around that flightdeck so I assume it will come standard with refuelling/rearming capabilities as well. Regarding refining; from what I've gathered from the Odyssey Q&A the raw quantanium is fed directly into the refining vats so I assume the volatile quantanium is immediately stabilized as it is being processed as soon as it enters the ship. Similar to how Prospectors were racing against the clock to reach a refinery but as soon as they delivered the material everything was suddenly fine.
  11. The Q&A for the Odyssey has been released and this doesn't really sound anything like a "Carrack Killer" or "the ultimate exploration ship" that the devs claimed it was. 🤣 Instead it feels more like it's just a large mobile home with nothing special except for some capital sized components and near-unlimited range due to having half a Prospector embedded in the underside of the ship. No specializations and no special scanners. The only benefit it has is the mining+refinery so that it can extend its range. The entire crew has their own personal quarters but the captain doesn't get anything extra fancy; they just have to choose from one of the regular quarters. CIG claims it's a generalist ship but apparently has to depend entirely on whatever specialist ship+vehicle+cargo you take with you. Driftwoodbadger said it best in a Spectrum post I think: So basically the Odyssey itself isn't actually an exploration vessel, it's a general purpose expedition platform. What it does when it gets someplace depends on what ship you packed in the hangar. The Odyssey alone is just a range/duration extender for the ship it carries, that's all. To me the Q&A was not overly promising for a ship that costs $625/$700+ and CIG didn't even offer a Warbond CCU (probably intentionally so that Carrack owners had to shell out $100 for a CCU instead of $25) ... for a ship that may be bigger but has less visibility and can't really do anything better in terms of exploration purposes like the Carrack can (except having more range; provided you can find rocks with quantanium in them). However, one Q&A portion laid it out perfectly imo: What's the biggest difference between the Odyssey and the Carrack? The biggest difference is the Carrack’s specialization in various areas, such as jump point scanning/mapping, onboard drones and repair facilities, and its three modular cargo bays that can be outfitted in the future for various purposes beyond cargo. The Odyssey, however, favors a more generalized approach, with the flexibility to do a lot of separate roles depending on how you equip it with onboard ships, ground vehicles, and supplies. For me this effectively tells me that the Carrack is much better suited for exploration and the Odyssey is just a big ship with no real purpose. However, it's good to hear that CIG hasn't forgotten about those Carrack modules and will offer us more at some point. Heck, one of those future Carrack modules could very well be a "Quantanium Refinery and Mining Drones" module; considering how the Carrack already uses drones for other purposes as well. Looking at the interior volume of those cargo pods these other modules should have more than enough interior space to fit similar refinery vats and still have space left over for a drone control room and a pair of mining drones. That way people could choose to carry such a module at the cost of 33% of their cargo capacity. To me that would be a fair price to pay for extended range. As for the Odyssey, I guess people could use it to roleplay as if they're the crew of Alien:Covenant or something. However, as an actual exploration ship it does not appear to bring anything to the table that the Carrack can't already do much better; except for the part of mining+refining fuel.
  12. I can't really answer this "Carrack vs Odyssey" question properly until CIG has completed both ships; including the modules for the Carrack. At present time the Odyssey is just a concept sale while the three cargo pods on the Carrack are modular segments which can be swapped out for other modules. One such module might very well be a "quantum mining and refininery" module with mining drones or something. That way Carrack owners would have to trade 33% of their cargo capacity in order to get the ability to refine quantum fuel for personal use to extend their range; similar to what the Odyssey has by default. The main takeaway here is that the Odyssey is an all-in-one civilian exploration ship with zero modularity while the Carrack is an all-in-one (ex-)military exploration ship with 3 modular pods. Both ships apparently have similar sized medical wards with the same mid-tier medical bed. The primary difference is the size of the Odyssey and the larger hangar bay as well as the Odyssey being an all-in-one ship with some capital class components; but at a higher pricetag and without modularity. Currently it sits at $700 for the concept while the Carrack sits at $600 for a flightready ship. So at present time I can't really make a proper comparison until both the Odyssey is flightready and CIG has created (or at least revealed) the other modules that can be purchased and installed instead of those modular cargo pods that it currently has by default. However, I must say that it kinda sucked that CIG (intentionally?) didn't offer a Warbond CCU option even though their other two new releases Spartan and Raft did come with both a Standard Edition and Warbond Edition. I would have probably picked up a $25 Carrack-to-Odyssey Warbond CCU had they been available but being forced to shell out $100 for such a CCU was a bit too steep for me. So I settled on a $25 Perseus-to-Odyssey CCU instead and hope that the Merchantman will be flightready before the Perseus goes up in price. That way I might be able to get a relatively cheap Merchantman-to-Perseus CCU and chain those together for a discounted Odyssey as I still have a Merchantman standing by at a relatively low price. Jake Acapella did tell me the following after I asked him about this missing Warbond CCU through PM so I guess we'll just have to live with it: Now with the Odyssey being sold as "remaining self-sufficient almost indefinitely"; one does have to wonder about that feeling of deja-vu as CIG said the same about the Carrack back then... Yet we can clearly see that the Carrack currently has an issue as CIG's statements about the Carrack are not true. 😒 During the initial concept sale CIG stated that the Carrack was built for "truly self-sufficient flight" and several years later during the Endeavor Q&A this was confirmed yet again by stating that the Carrack was "a dedicated explorer, built as a single, self-sustaining ship". However, without the means to create more quantum fuel the Carrack is not self-sufficient nor self-sustaining at all as it would only be able to use half of its quantum fuel before it needs to turn around and use the other half of its fuel to return to civilization or find itself dead in the water without quantum fuel. So I really hope that CIG will consider offering a module with similar functionality to what the Odyssey has by default with quantanium mining and refinery equipment so that Carrack owners can decide to give up one of their cargo modules (33% of their cargo capacity) for a quantanium mining&refinery module. That way the "truly self-sufficient flight" and "self-sustaining ship" will remain true if such a module was made available.
  13. Also loving my Ares Inferno by the way. Has a bit less ammo that I had hoped; especially due to CIG stating that it would have 2-3x as much ammo but apparently Yogiklatt from CIG told us that the Q&A is obsolete (if so, then why bother doing them at all). Still, they did increase it from 2000 to 3600 thankfully; but I was hoping for something more in the range of 5200-7800. Just the Redeemer's two twin-S5 turrets already carry 10800 rounds of ammo (in magical bags of holding apparently) while the Inferno only has its one gun and was supposed to have special bespoke ammo storage boxes inside the ship. Meanwhile the Ion can fire its energy cannon all day long while the Inferno has to restock ammunition every 3 minutes. 😕 The Inferno still looks way cooler though; even though the dispersion of the bullets is atrocious (worse than Stormtroopers) and there's a small bug with the panel color if you swap out the missile rack for a S5 torpedo (the front panel is white instead of black; so it's using the panel of the Ion atm). However, I am very glad that CIG decided to keep those swappable racks in and even came up with a cool solution to have that changing cover panel. They also gave it 12 S3 missiles in its bespoke launch bay instead of the originally planned 8. Definitely a proper heavy fighter (unlike the Scorpius with its peashooter guns, gimmick turret, and 8 S2 missiles; or the Hurricane with its single M shield and a mere 4 S2 missiles... Oh and CIG already nerfed the Hurricane's turret so now it can only shoot half as long as a Cutlass civilian transport and are apparently planning at punishing multicrew ships when more people man turrets. Talk about taking the fun away so I hope they received the message that turrets in a3.14 were a step in the right direction while turrets in a3.15 with shared capacitors are two steps backwards and putting us right back at the "turrets are useless; just get another singleseat fighter" again). 😒
  14. Pretty nice to see CIG reusing the ATLAS platform in order to now have the Ballista missile platform and the Spartan troop transport. It also makes for a nice combo with the Liberator as I believe that one had additional seating for extra troops if I'm not mistaken (or was that only the Hercules M2 from Crusader?). Makes me wonder if they will also use the same undercarriage and put a massive tank cannon on top at some point so we have a second tank to play with (although it wouldn't be a true tank; just an APC with a big gun on top but hey). Additionally I still hope that CIG will also make a shortened variant someday that has similar dimensions and capabilities to the Ursa. We definitely could do with a few more generalist rovers in my opinion as the Ursa is currently the undefeated king at the moment. I definitely wouldn't mind buying a smaller Anvil rover and putting that one inside my Carrack instead of the freebie Ursa that came with it. I wouldn't mind something like this someday (and also rovers from Aegis, Crusader, etc.)
  15. I'm looking to buy this item. Now there is this issue where the "cot" is apparently not giftable through normal means as you had to buy it through a roundabout way in the old Voyager Direct store. Back then you had to convert your money to UEC first and then you could buy items with that UEC in the Voyager Direct store. Back then this "cot" could be bought for 2000UEC ($2). So I'm not sure if this would work but if Customer Support would be willing to transfer your "cot" from your account to my account I'd be more than happy to send you something in return like a skin or a weapon or something that you could then use or melt for Store Credit. Ofcourse that's if Customer Support is willing to assist in such a manner. So if you have a "cot" in your account that you'd like to sell please let me know so we could see if Customer Support would be willing to help in transferring it from your account to mine.
  16. Yeah, that was also rather unfortunate to see that you can't get to the X1 bay because of that glass wall with the gravity generator. Now that gravity generator looks cool but what if it fails and needs to be repaired? I don't see any way to reach it. So it's definitely aesthetically pleasing but also realistically problematic in terms of actual gameplay when the thing breaks down. All the other ships with a physical gravity generator I've seen can be accessed by an engineer if needs be. Now CIG seems to play a bit fast'n'loose with ships as some don't even have a gravity generator component (Hammerhead, Mercury, etc.) while others have it proudly on display (Reclaimer, Starfarer, etc.) while on other ships it's apparently just a small box-shaped item (Constellation Phoenix I believe). So yeah, I wouldn't mind if CIG removed part of that glass wall and also make it accessible for repairs with some kind of sliding wall or such, then put the gravity generator off to the side a little (it doesn't have to be in the exact center of a ship anyways), and then create a walkway to the X1 bay. Currently that space with the gravity generator is very large and it feels rather empty with just that lone spinning ball there. Would have been cool to have a walkway in order to get to and from the X1 bay. That way we'd be able to access the X1 bay from the inside, still retain the gravity generator, are able to perform repairs to it if needs be, and then change that fourth escape pod to a medical/firefighting cabinet.
  17. I really hope CIG will replace that useless fourth escape pod and instead turn it into a cabinet for storing some medical supplies and fire extinguishers or something. Currently the ship still has 4 escape pod from the time when it was supposed to be a 4-man ship. However, CIG decided to change it to a 3-man ship yet forgot about that fourth escape pod. So yeah, removing that escape pod and replacing it with one of those slide-out cabinets to store some med-pens, a medi-gun, and some fire extinguishers would make a lot more sense compared to an escape pod that will never get used.
  18. Well, that invisible April Fools joke became visible all of a sudden. Not sure what to think about it though. CIG states it's a competitor to the Constellation-series and Corsair but I notice a distinct lack of firepower and cargo capacity. I guess it's a nice ship for people who want something with nicer amenities compared to the Aquila. That said, apparently people already complained about its lack of agility (especially in atmosphere; but then again the Mercury was also nerfed into the ground while that one was actually advertised as having incredible agility), its firepower is very anemic and the capacitor is slightly above that of a Light Fighter atm (which feels like a bug as the Mercury had the same issue during a3.14), and I can't for the life of me understand why they went through all that trouble giving the 100-series that special AIR-fuel system and not incorporate it in their 400-series explorer where it would make a lot of sense. 😕 It looks pretty cool though, especially in that Concierge Black&Gold imo. Not sure if I will ever add one to my fleet though but I picked up a $5 Corsair-to-400i Warbond CCU and that black&gold paint with some Store Credit just to keep my options open. ORIGIN 400i ORIGIN 400i - Q&A Several paint options as well, but you can only get the Meridian paint for free if you buy one of the Standalone versions.
  19. Tricky question as both fulfill different roles. The Liberator is a Pocket very Light Carrier and basically a miniature version of the Kraken (minus the firepower) while the Polaris is pretty much a multi-purpose Light Frigate in everything except name; but I expect that to change once it's flightready. Then CIG will likely reclassify the Polaris as a Light Frigate and then move the Perseus up to Corvette-class as that's what it already is and this whole Gunship thing reminds me of the Hammerhead. So yeah, I was interested in the Liberator as I like corvette-sized ships but I don't really have a use for it and its lack of defensive firepower also gives me pause. It only has a single manned turret with 2xS5 guns, some missiles, and 2 single S2 automated point defense guns. It's as if CIG already 'balanced' it around requiring at least the top two spots for fighters on-call. To me that's a real shame as I personally think the ship should have been given at least 2 manned 2xS5 turrets, the missiles, and then 2 or 3 2xS2 automated point defense turrets. It's defensive loadout is extremely anemic from my perspective; even compared to non-combat ships like the Starfarer Gemini and the Reclaimer. Even the Hercules M2 has more firepower I believe. So unlike the Kraken which could be used as a mobile base for mining operations while still having more than enough firepower to give any pirate gang pause; that pirate gang won't be stopped by a single twin-S5 turret if you take a Liberator with Prospectors and ROCs on a mining expedition. You'd need fighter escorts. Now ofcourse there's also the price difference between the Liberator and Kraken but still... Then again, this is the pocket carrier that people have been asking CIG about for years so I hope they are happy. For me it's in an awkward spot and I think I will have to give it a pass for now; unless CIG suddenly comes out with a discounted Warbond CCU during IAE next month or FleetWeek next year. So yeah, personally I would keep that Polaris as I'm confident that the Polaris will allow you to use it for several roles while the Liberator is effectively another one-trick pony. I'm definitely keeping my Polaris.
  20. a3.15 is definitely not really something to concern yourself about; at least not regarding Imperium as a whole. We are still a ways away from having that discussion and first we would need at least a dozen or so systems before we can get a grasp on choosing a location where we would set up out main official headquarters as it were. Ofcourse this could be on an existing planet with access to merchants and hangars and all the other good stuff; or it could be that several Imperium members would bring their Pioneers to a planet where one of our leaders sets up a 16x16km Land Claim and then starts to map out an actual base with an architect to create something really unique. Now I don't know the extent of what Pioneers can construct and if they can even work together in order to connect those structures. Personally I think it would be very cool to have our own personalized base of operations with landing pads (or preferably hangar bays with underground storage) and sleeping quarters and a large Wing Commander style room for briefings and maybe even having areas where NPC merchants would be able to sell armor, weapons, ship components and the like. I personally would love having our own base with large defense batteries on the corners and big walls with garages for military vehicles etc. etc. The possibilities for ideas are endless. We'll just have to wait and see what will actually BE possible. But yeah, as to starting world I would still vote to be in an area under UEE control and not set ourselves up in a neutral free-for-all gankfest in the middle of nowhere. After all, we have to consider logistics and it's easy to get cut off from resources if a gang of pirates blocks off our main route. Hence why I would vote to remain in an area where there is a UEE Navy presence for support. That way we can offer extended support to the UEE and it's military. That's a thing for the future though. For a3.15 the main choice will be based on where our corpse will spawn should we die. Personally I was very fond of Orison but I was not fond of having to fly 100km up before I can quantum. Orison also seems to have an issue with stores and the lack of purchasing ship components. New Babbage on Microtech however has most of the A-grade stuff as well as a large selection of ship weapons available. For a lot of my ships it's a one-stop-shop to get a lot of my ships geared up. I believe the only thing I can't get from New Babbage are CIV-A Atlas, CIV-A Hemera, and CIV-A Erebos Quantum Drives (those are my favorites due to range versus fuel consumption). Those are only available at Port Olisar or some random reststop like CRU-L1 or so. But yeah, I will likely choose New Babbage for a3.15 due to its ease of access to the multitude of stores for ship component and ship weapons. As I recall they also had a decent selection of personal firearms but for my actual ones I'll have to hunt around a little because Iike the "Midnight" range of the K&W energy weapons; most notably the Gallant Rifle "Midnight" edition which is sold at HUR-L5 I believe. So New Babbage will likely be the place for me during a3.15. Once we finally get closer to actual launch of the game with a dozen systems is when I think our command should sit down and discuss the plans for an actual base of operations. I hope one of them bought a 16x16 Land Claim and that they will decide on a system that is still at the ende within UEE space with a proper logistical route to a hub so that we can easily buy and sell supplies as well as materials. After all, we'd also want a place for our miners, salvagers, traders, and we will need NPC mission givers too. So don't put me in a PvP Only system as you won't see me there often due to me getting bored if mindless combat 24/7 is all I can do Which reminds me that I should ask someone to change my tag from Combat to something else. Well, you will always have Port Tressler in synchronous orbit with New Babbage. So I don't think it will be much of an issue for any planetary location as they all have an orbital station where you can call up larger ships that need the docking collars.
  21. Ah I see. Well, in that case I hope you will be able to find one at a reasonable price. I linked the one I was able to find in my previous post but $4500 is a pretty massive chunk of cash for a frigate that was originally sold for $1000. Still, I figured I'd add it to my post just in case you had not seen it yet. Best of luck in your quest at obtaining an Idris-M.
  22. Oof, good luck with that buddy! 😟 You're probably going to need all the luck in the world to get one of those. I believe that last time I saw one being offered was several years ago for $3000 or something I believe. You might be able to get one through that StarCitizenTrades subreddit perhaps but they will likely be extremely expensive. Here's one at Star Hangar for $4500 Best of luck to you. Personally I think you might be better off trying to get a Javelin from CIG as CIG sometimes makes those available in their pledge store; usually a few during the Anniversary in November and maybe Fleetweek (although I'm not sure about that one)? The Javelin is still sold in very limited numbers at times for $3000 or something and can apparently wipe the floor with several Idris frigates simultaneously. Heck, you might even be able to convince Customer Support to sell you a Javelin if you ask real nicely. But yeah, the Idris-M is kinda a unicorn in Star Citizen; together with those 300 Vanduul Scythes. The only other option at getting an Idris-M is by getting tons of people using your referral code as apparently CIG will give you one for free by getting 2017 referral points. EDIT: Oh, my bad. You don't get an Idris-M with 2017 referrals but a Javelin. Sorry about that. EDIT2: Not sure how much you've spent on Star Citizen so far but there is a pack out there that includes the Idris-M. It's the Praetorian Pack (but that pack is $15.000). There's also the Dominus Pack at $6400 but that one only contains an Idris-P. However, I think that pack also comes with a token allowing you to buy the Idris-K Upgrade Kit for $250-$300 or something. As I recall that kit comes with a S10 beamlaser, a missile turret and 4 automatic point defense turrets. Ah well, sorry I couldn't be of much help here. Hope you will get what you're looking for someday!
  23. Yeah, CIG likely changed quite a few ships when they changed them from skins to paint. Then there was also some new shader system or somesuch I believe. As a result a number of ships might look somewhat different than they used to; sometimes better, sometimes worse (like the Carrack Expedition). I also noticed the issue with the screens showing before the cockpit closes on the other Hornet model so whatever is causing it; it's across all models. Here's hoping that it's easy to fix. Maybe CIG can just delay the screens by a few seconds so that the canopy can close properly first before the screens turn on.
  24. No, from what I've heard a Character Reset retains all your money and ingame purchases. A friend of mine did it but he reported that the only things he was missing were weapon magazines and medpens (ie. consumables); but those also disappear frequently after a regular patch. So you should be safe as all your aUEC and ingame ship purchases should still be there; even after using a drastic measure like the Character Reset option.
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