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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. S1ickReed


      seen this late, thank you

  2. Very nice.
  3. Great news, the more I learn about the Tumbril the more I dont like it. So I melted all but one and bought back my 2 Ursa Rovers. The Tumbril RN may come in handy someday.
  4. No, character customization is vital to my initial interest in any game, MMO or a plain RPG, hell I get picky creating characters in Divinity Originals Sin games as well. I really love the way Black Desert has families with all your characters with the same surname and the ability to switch between them any time. It's great for large worlds to have this ability to multitask and give your main the ability to be a real explorer light years away from home.
  5. Beautiful. Look pretty maneuverable.
  6. Freelancer mainly to get up to speed on the trade system. Does anyone know if trade will be limited to buy/sell or will there be cargo transport missions as well?
  7. LOL love the link, Ill be there.
  8. Bridge crew does look like one of the few VR games that get me interested in a VR headset. Anyone know if it will be available for the Vive as well?
  9. Pm sent EDIT : Thanks for the Orion StarC, great service.
  10. Agreed, it's something I heard Bored Gamer say in one of his videos and his podcast, could be way off the mark. The more CR promises for 3.0 like mining the more I worry. Right now 3.0 is shaping to be the REAL release of the game I backed years ago, I just don't want another CR over ambious promise.
  11. To land on. Would definitely be awesome but not sure how far off 3.0 is, I was thinking end of year, if so that's a long drought time with no new content.
  12. I heard rumors of a possible 2.7 update with a moon or two to explore, anyone else know of this?
  13. I bought it today downloading now. Ive been looking forward to this game for a while now.