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  1. I'm definitely going to be playing medic/mobile hospital..
  2. I was but a mere child of 14 years old when i joined this site, now I'm 21. Im grown, like the rest of you, that must be the reason Star Citizen's developement took so long, to wait for me to catch up. Oh and atleast i won the most liked content 19th of September 2013! Miss you guys

    1. Painmiester


      just wait a little bit more



  3. Long time, no see i suppose

    1. GRIZZ


      Welcome back!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Hey I'm here to sell my two Aurora LN's, both of them got Lifetime insurance. I want 5$ more for them than the normal aurora LN's you see in store atm. I'd like to have the money transferred over paypal first before I send the ships. Both sold
  6. I just hate this kind of stuff..
  7. At the last shot, it kind of seems like Spiderman is taken out of a cartoon. But the thing I dislike the most, is how his eyes on the suit have to move like that. Away from that, I hope it's gonna be a nice movie, a lot of hype around it. I wonder who's gonna win now, since both sides are kind of "The good guys".
  8. Are there any Smite players in Imperium?

    1. Rellim
    2. Zetrick


      Thanks Rellim

    3. Rellim


      I would say google is your friend but in this case it's the search function is your friend. Besides we have a gaming superthread that lists mobas in one topic. 

  9. Zetrick

    Far Cry Primal

    I've been thinking about getting it. Kinda fun, they actually copied the map layout for Far cry 4 completely. As you can see here.
  10. Zetrick

    i did it boys!

    Awesome. Can't wait till i buy mine
  11. Rest in peace Alan Rickman.

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